What is a Snug Piercing?

A Snug is a piercing that is done in the cartilage in your ear. This piercing is located in the inner cartilage of the ear just above the anti tragus piercing but half way down the outer rim of the ear. Snug Piercing

This piercing takes about 8-16 weeks to heal depending on the jewelry used.

Genuine Gemstones now available at The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store!

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store now brings to you exclusive range of Genuine Gemstones in 14K Gold and Steel.

14K Gold & Steel - Assorted Shape - LabretLatest on offer – Labrets with assorted shapes available in a very nominal price range.

Getting a Septum Piercing

The septum piercing is not to be confused with the nostril piercing. Your septum is the cartilage in your nose that separates the nostrils. The septum is normally pierced in the front or tip of the cartilage in the nose.

Surgical Steel Ball Clamp – Exclusive Male Body Jewelry now available!

Fabulous male body jewelry from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store exclusively presented for adults.

Ball ClampNow we offer Surgical Steel Ball Clamps – A Testicle and Scrotum Compression device. This one is sure to become as popular as the Nipple Clamps have become. Play safe with this one.

Tongue in Cheek Piercing

Now a days you can get just about everything pierced including our cheeks. The piercing itself goes through the cheek and in your mouth. A Labret is normally used in this piercing. They use this piece because it has a smooth flat disk on the side that is inside your mouth, which does help to prevent tooth or gum damage.

High quality Circle Rings for men – Now available at The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

Circle Ring

Circle Ring

Another piece of predominantly male body jewelry from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. Presenting high quality Circle Rings for men.

Unlike Segment Rings, these rings cover larger gauges and are equipped with a set screw. Precision drilling is done on each segment so that a tiny side fitting set screw can pass through both the ring and the segment, yet cannot be seen or felt sticking outside.

In this manner, the segment is well secured so that it does not fall out at the most inappropriate time. Like all our Steel pieces, these rings have also been manufactured using high quality 316LVM Surgical Steel pieces. The rings have been cut out of a single block of Surgical Steel. For your information, these rings are even patented under patent law to prevent their imitation.

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Undercover Body Piercings

Lucite Navel Retainers

Lucite Navel Retainers

Are your Body Piercings getting you down because you have one of those jobs that you have to wear a band-aid over your piercing so that it does not show?

Body Jewelry By The Chain Gang has all Jewelry to help you conceal your piercings when you have to and to show them off when you want to. We have something that will work for just about every piercing that is commonly visible.

We have Eyebrow Retainers available in 16 Gauge.

The Tongue Retainers are available in 14, 12, 10, and 8 Gauge, & in either clear or pink.

Do you have your stretched ears that your boss hates? We have “Hider Plugs” made from Implant Silicone, and are available up to 5/8″ gauge.

Lucite Navel Retainers

Labret Retainers (even better when used with makeup)… read more