Extra long Urethral Vibrator for men from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

Extra Long Urethral Vibrator

Extra Long Urethral Vibrator

Get ready to experience that Extra Edge with the extra long urethral vibrator for men, now available at The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store The Leaders in manufacturing high quality male body jewelry.

The product is battery operated and is equipped with anon and off switch. It has been manufactured using Surgical Steel to ensure your safety.

Grab this unique product now and give your collection a new look!

Product measurements:

Shaft Length 300mm

Shaft Thickness 7mm-12mm

The product comes with a price tag of $227.99 and can be purchased from the Male Body Jewelry section of the The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store by going to Extra Long Urethral Vibrator.

Titanium Screwball Ring for men from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store


Titanium “Small Gap” Screwball Ring

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store now brings to you the greatest thing ever made Titanium Screwball Rings for use in many different piercings. You do not need pliers in order to open the gap on this ring, just unscrew the ball.Since titanium has no alloys, the chance of allergic reactions while using this ring is the very least possible. Besides being Hypoallergenic the ring is very light weight compared to other rings of the same style and size.

The product has been very reasonably priced at $32.99 and is available in a variety of gauges, sizes, and colors. We can even custom make them to your specifications if you like.
Maximum shipping time for the piece is two weeks.

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Guinness Body Piercing Record

Just how into Body Piercing are you? Most people cannot stop at just one piercing they have several. Many people think of it as an addiction or a rush, just like tattoos. How many people do you really know that only have just one single tattoo or piercing? One man has proven his addiction to the extent that he is the new record holder in the “Guinness Book of World Records”.

A guy in Philadelphia broke the record once again with 1,515 piercings in a 4 hour period. Pip Freak,” a.k.a. Phillip Roomet is the new World Record Holder (for the time being).
They used 22 Gauge needles to complete this task. They started the piercing session around 6:20 a.m. The first part of his body that they pierced were his arms with nearly 500 needles in each arm. Then … read more

Clitoral Vibrator for women from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry

Clitoral Vibrator

Clitoral Vibrator

Welcome to The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store where we offer unsurpassed quality and a wide selection in body piercing jewelry and body jewelry.

Now we bring to you from our unique range of body jewelry products Clitoral Vibrator for women. Get ready to experience ultimate pleasure with this product. The product has been manufactured using Surgical Steel like all our other body jewelry products. It is battery operated and comes with an on and off switch for easy operation.


Buy this product and give a complete look to your adult toy collection.

Product Measurements:

Shaft Length 94 mm
Shaft Thickness 7-12 mm
Head Size 17mm

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