Ear Scalpelling versus Ear Stretching

Ear StretchingEar Scalpelling is becoming a more and more popular these days. I would not say it is the most pleasant experience, but the results are amazing.

With Scalpelling it can be done in an hour or less. In doing this procedure you can go from nothing to a 00 Gauge with the Jewelry already installed.

Ear Scalpelling will make large wounds but they will heal up clean because they were done with a knife versus stretching your ears. When you stretch you ear there is a big risk that you can tear your lobes. A tear will almost never heal properly. With Scapeling you can correct things like if you were pierced with one hole higher than the other.

The only real negative thing to having this done is the hole will probably never close up.

Unlike when you stretch read more

Experience ultimate pleasure Urethral Vibrator for men from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store


The “Roman Candle” Urethral Vibrator

Get ready to experience ultimate pleasure Presenting Urethral Vibrators for men from the house of The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. The product comes with an on and off switch and have been manufactured using all Surgical Steel to make it safe to use.

The product comes with a seal of trusted body jewelry store manufacturing body jewelry products for over 13 years.

Have a look at the product features at Urethral Vibrator available under the Male Body Jewelry section of The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store.

Legal Age to be Pierced

Teen With PiercingMany states and country’s are now passing laws to make getting pierced even more difficult for minors. I know that the idea is to make sure that it is safe and that it is not a choice that will be later regretted, which I agree with. Although I can also make an argument as to why under 16 year olds should have access to reputable licensed body piercers, to prevent them from doing some of the idiotic things that they do which in many cases cause serious and disfiguring injuries.

Either way though, when under age it is a very good idea to have your parents involved to help you due to the possible infections, learning the proper cleaning of your piercing, getting the proper jewelry, and also to assess the risks of the piercing and diseases.

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Ribbed Urethra Insertion Rod for males from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

Ribbed Urethral SoundThe Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store brings to you another piece of male body jewelryPolished Super Smooth Ribbed Urethra Insertion Rod.


It has been made ultra smooth to avoid all possible irritation if used sensibly. This type of play is considered one of the most erotic and intense for a male.

Airport Security and Body Piercing Jewelry

Internally Threaded Titanium Circular Barbells

Internally Threaded Titanium Circular Barbells

It seems that things are starting to get a better regarding body piercing jewelry at airports. Many people have told us that they are not getting hassled nearly the way that they used to.

After 9-11 security was heightened and at times and in different locations it seemed that it was raised to the point of being silly for those of us with body piercings. I think that not only has security gotten a little more relaxed and reasonable, but so has the general public of mainstream.

Still though using the Acrylic, Wood, Bone and Horn, or Glass pieces can save you a ton of aggravation when traveling.

I do also have a friend that has quite a lot of Titanium body jewelry (all below the waist) and he flies regularly and … read more

Niobium Seamless Rings being offered now in a variety of colors!

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store now brings to you a wonderful piece of Body Jewelry for either Male or Female Piercings – Niobium Seamless Rings.

Niobium Seamless Ring in Assorted ColorsThese rings can really be classified as a great improvement. With no ball to mess with or lose, these rings can be used for several different piercings both for the required look and for the ease of use.

The Colors on these pieces are AMAZING, the Oil Slick is my personal absolute favorite of all time.

These pieces work well in eyebrow, nose and various other body piercings gauges just to name a few. And priced at only $20.99 and up depending on the gauge you want, you can not pass these up to upgrade in color and to a Seamless or to give a very special Gift to a special person.

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Ear Piercing or Body Piercing?

Double Helix Spiral

Double Helix Spiral

When you think about Ear Piercing what is the first thing that comes to mind. To me it use to be a diamond stud or two. Now you can have you whole ear practically pierced.

There are plenty of places on the ear to pierce that you may not even realize such as the Lobe, the Conch, the Tragus, the Diath, and the Helix. It is recommended to use a Larger Gauge of Jewelry in any cartilage piercings to make the healing more comfortable and less problematic.

The most common Jewelry for the ear piercings are Captive Rings, Circular Barbells, Ear Plugs, Flesh Tunnels & Earlets, Segment and Seamless Rings. I have had my cartilage pierced and to be honest I actually use the Nosebones in mine. They work great for that, … read more

Double Breast Clamp Female Body Jewelry now available!

Double Breast Clamp

Double Breast Clamp

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store now brings unique female body jewelry products for adult females.

Now presenting an all Surgical Steel Breast Compression device for females. Bar length is 3/8” by 18”. Threaded thumb screws are just over 6” in length. Total weight of the piece is 707 grams. This piece can be used without any need for piercing.

Flaunt your attitude with this amazing and unique piece of body jewelry only available at The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store.

You can buy it now just by logging on to: Double Breast Clamp present under Female Body Jewelry section of The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store.

Tongue Piercing can be a Pain in the Wallet

Novelty Icon Straight Barbell

And your Dentists favorite piercing issss, The Tongue Piercing! The tongue piercing by far is a dentist’s nightmare (or Brand New Boat) depending on how you look at it :-).
There are many added dangers that come along with this piercing that are not present with some others, such as tooth abrasion, broken teeth, impairment of speech &/or eating, oral infections, Septicemia , Gingival Recession, Sialorrhea, risk of inhaling loose piercing balls.

But yet we still choose to do this to ourselves. If you decide to get this piercing done, please take the proper precautions so that you are not putting yourself in undue danger.

After the initial piercing is done you have to wait for the swelling to go down, and during this time you will have a longer then normally necessary barbell to make room … read more