Prejudice against your body piercings and tattoos

Cute Girl with Pierced Mom

This Cute Little Girl’s Mom may have a Piercing.
OMG !!

In today’s society, when you hear the word discrimination most people automatically think of skin color or ethnicity. Well that is by far not the only times that it happens. People seem to be judging other people on wider array of items then ever before.

Whether its by their skin color, their origin, the clothes they are wearing, their religion, the car they drive, where they live, their hair style, their tattoos, their body piercings, or any other body modifications. They have always said “you should never judge a book”. I guess that now we have to add “or by its pretty pictures or its Spiral Binding” to the end of that saying?

Just to be clear, if you prejudge someone by their piercing jewelry, tattoos, skin color, … read more