Surface Piercing and the risk

Beautifully aligned and healed surface piercing


What is a Surface Piercing or Surface Piercing Jewelry? A Surface Piercing is where the entrance and exit holes are (usually) pierced through the same flat area of skin. Most surface piercings will fail due to a Piercer not being experienced with Surface Piercings, and not having full knowledge of how the body heals.

This piercing takes a lot of skill and experience to do correctly. I would recommend looking at photos of surface piercings that the Piercer has done that have healed to verify their experience, and not just go by what they say.

Some of the more common surface piercings that are done are the Madison, Nape piercings, Chest, Cleavage, and several piercings around the belly area. These places have very little skin to spare so they are constantly getting friction, which is what usually causes … read more

Genuine Straight Amber Plugs from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store brings to you durable and stylish Straight Amber Plugs. The main feature of these Amber Plugs is that they are cut from Baltic Amber presently  mined along the shores of the Baltic Sea. Further, each piece of Baltic Amber is harvested by hand.

Straight Amber Plug

Straight Amber Plug

The origin of Amber dates back 40 to 70 million years – the era of dinosaurs, which proves its durability and long lived style.

Have a look at the product details at Straight Amber Plugs present under the Ear Plugs section of The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store.

Stop losing beads – Get a Fixed Bead Body Piercing Ring

Conch Piercing with Fixed Bead Ring Are you tired of losing the beads to your Captive Bead Rings? We have a solution for you!

Captive Bead Rings are great because you can change out the beads or charms. However one of the down sides to them is that the beads get lost very easily.

Now you can purchase “Fixed” Bead Rings instead!

Fixed Bead Rings look exactly the same as the Captives, however the charm or bead is actually attached to one end of the ring, so first and foremost, you can not lose it unless you were to lose the entire ring which is unlikely.

Also the Fixed Bead Piercing Rings assure that the charm will always be pointing the same way, rather then spinning around as with the Captive Bead Rings. With Captive Bead Rings the charm may be pointing the right way … read more

Safe Nose Piercings, and Nostril Jewelry is here to stay

Nose Piercings and Nostril Jewelry are not a fad. It has been around for a very long time. It is found in many cultures around the world. It has been said that it originated in the middle east about 4,000 years ago. The Jewelry and piercing methods may have changed since then, but the piercing itself remains the same.

The body jewelry that is used in a nose piercing can be either a stud/screw type or a ring. Some options are Captive Rings, although Fixed Bead Rings, are much more highly preferred out of the two rings, because the bead will not fall out which happens constantly with the very light gauge captive rings.
Nostril Screws, Nose Bones, and Fishtails, are the different types of the nostril studs available. All of the body jewelry comes in different … read more

14K Gold – Dangle Heart Oval Ring now available!

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry brings to you a beautiful piece of art – an attractive Dangle Heart Oval Ring made from 14K Gold and available in a wide variety of choices and styles to choose from.

The oval ring is manufactured using 100% nickel free gold and uses Genuine Swarovsi
Cubic Zircons gems which are guaranteed in writing to never fall out. They are all hand set, not just glued in as with most other companies.Naturally you can get the Cubic Zircons replaced for any Genuine Precious Stones you would like.

Priced at $85.99 the oval ring comes with a unique artistic design and superior product quality. It embodies the 14 years of experience of The Chain Gang Body Jewelry company in making artistic and very high quality body jewelry products.

To buy these rings online for yourself or … read more

Will My Piercing Shrink Back to Normal After Stretching

Stretching Crescents to Stretch a Piercing GaugeYour piercings can shrink back down after stretching them, as long as you do not stretch them too fast. If you stretch your piercing to fast you can cause a tear in your piercing that will develop scar tissue. The key to keeping a happy piercing is to stretch slowly.

Body Jewelry By The Chain Gang has Double Ended Stretching Crescents which you see to the left and are great to very slowly stretch to another gauge. It is a slow process, but you will not tear your piercing either which other then the obvious, will also help you if you should ever want to let your piercing shrink down some.

Once you have stretched the piercing out some using the Crescents or Weights, then you can use the Insertion Tapers to insert your new larger body jewelry.

Another way … read more

14K Gold Curved Barbells being offered now in different sizes!

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry store brings to you the very best in body jewelry. All of 14K Yellow Gold jewelry available at The Chain Gang is solid (even the balls). Our body piercing jewelry products do not make use of hollow balls or shafts that are being used by several other companies. You can find elegantly designed 14K Gold jewelry in our Body Piercing Jewelry store conforming to highest quality standards.

14K Single Gem Curved Barbell

14K Single Gem Curved Barbell

Here is an image of one of our beautiful solid ball Curved Barbells.

14 gauge and larger are internally threaded.

The standard ball sizes used are as follows:

  • 18 gauge use 1/8″ Balls
  • 14 and 12 gauge use 3/16″ Balls
  • 16 gauge use 5/32″ Balls
  • 10 & 8 gauge use 1/4″ Balls

Although Curved Barbells can be worn with virtually any … read more

Body Jewelry and Credit Card Fraud

I wanted to make a post to let you know a little more about how the credit card purchase process works. When you make a purchase with Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang or most any online retailer, you are actually automatically charging yourself for the order when you press the submit button. Then it is our job to process the order and send you your body piercing jewelry.

The first thing that we do is take the credit card receipt for the body jewelry and the invoice and match them up. On the credit card receipt for the piercing jewelry it will say one of 3 things;

1) Billing Address Matches Cardholders Billing Address
2) Billing Address Does Not Match Cardholders Billing Address
3) Billing Address is Unverifiable

If it is #1 – Great! we will complete the … read more

New Article – What Is Body Piercing and What to Look For

We have posted a new article on our site, which highlights Body Piercing, What it is, and how to get it done right. This article gives you some of the tips which will allow you to make a better decision. 

A sneak preview of the article is also given below”
……..Also the gun does not make a tunnel for the jewelry the way that the hollow needle does, it just rams a piece of metal through your ear at a high rate of speed. Yeah that sounds like a good safe medical procedure to me. As for these morons that do body piercings with the ear piercing guns how do you gauge up ti a larger gauge? (A Smith and Wesson Rifle?)…………

Hope you enjoy this article and find it useful!

14K Gold – Genuine Colored Diamond Nostril Screw / NoseBone available now!

Genuine Diamond Nostril Screw or NoseBone

Genuine Diamond Nostril Screw or NoseBone

Make this attractive piece of body jewelry yours! This genuine colored diamond Nostril Screw is available in a number of styles with an option to choose from 14K yellow gold or 14K white gold.

These Nostril Screws are made with Genuine Diamonds that have undergone a safe and permanent treatment which creates a beautiful array of colors. So now Jennifer Lopez won’t be the only one with a colored Diamond. Of course these are not 6 carats either though. 🙂

Besides being available both Prong and Bezel settings, Labrets, the product also comes in either the Nostril Screw style, or the Straight NoseBone Style. This is the Straight Post with a small ball on the other end to keep the piece in place. It is unbelievably easy to use. Just pop it in … read more