Beautiful 14K Gold Foot – Toe Rings from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry offers 14K Gold Foot Toe Rings available in adjustable sizes from 2.5 to 5 with a choice of 14K yellow gold or 14K white gold.

The toe ring has a separation for adjustment in size so that it suits the ring size of most of the people. The ring has been manufactured using totally nickel free gold.

This beautiful 14K gold foot toe ring is nominally priced at $42.99 and is brought to you by The Chain Gang Body Jewelry – the company in body jewelry business for over 14 years!


Pregnant with a navel piercing?

Lucite Navel Retainers

Belly button Piercings and Pregnancy’s are two things that have not gone well together in years past. Once you found out that you we pregnant the doctor would want you to immediate remove the navel jewelry, because the jewelry would not adjust to the way your body was going to be changing, which would cause the skin to tighten to much and tear at the navel piercing.

Now there is a great solution so that you can keep your piercing if you want to. The solution is the bendable Navel Retainer. It will bend to the shape of your body and they are available up to 3 inches long. They are made of soft, bendable material. It works great with all navel piercings, and also many Surface Piercings if they do not have over 30 degree angles.

You can even cut this material with scissors and re-thread it with a regular Surgical Steel ball if you need a shorter Length than what you ordered. You can use regular Surgical Steel Balls, the Bioplast or Acrylic balls or pretty much any balls you would like, even 14K Gold Gem balls.

This is such a wonderful new product for women, because we no longer have to go through the trouble of removing the barbell and getting re-pierced after the baby is born.

This Barbell will also let you pass through security stations without being harassed because like the Acrylic there is no metal at all in the piece. It will also let you go through medical procedures as well such as x-rays and MRI’s with out a problem. These both are provided that you are using the Bioplast or Acrylic balls though.

Pure 14K Gold Body Jewelry at TheChaingang – Captive Rings


14K Gold - Captive Bead Rings

14K Gold – Captive Bead Rings

TheChainGang body jewelry brings to you the very best in pure 14K gold jewelry that is also nickel free. Now we offer 14K Gold – Captive Rings available in sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 3/4″ and with an option to choose from 14K Yellow or White gold.

If you love 14k gold but desire something more unique than the average Gold Captives with Solid Gold Balls, then this is the perfect piercing ring for you. This exquisite 14k gold piercing ring is totally Nickel Free and created with the highest quality gold available.

This type of rings are multi-functional and very practical. These rings bring with it the confidence of a highly experienced and trusted company in body jewelry industry for over 14 years now.

You can enjoy the ring, read more about it’s features and buy it now here:
14K Gold – Captive Rings listed under the Captive Bead Ring section of The Chain Gang Body Jewelry

How to Choose the Shop to get your first body piercing at ?

Body piercing ?Are you ready to get your first piercing, but unsure where to go, or who to trust?
The best things to do is A) Your homework, and B) Trust your instincts.
If you go into a studio and it smells bad, then the odds are the place is just plain dirty and you should walk away. If it looks and smells like a hospital then you may be in the right place.  A body piercing is a medical procedure, so be sure to treat it as such.

  • Check the studios licensing
  • Check the year the studio opened
  • Check the Piercers licensing
  • Make sure that the licensed Piercer is the one that you will be having do the work.
  • Check to see if both the studio and the Piercer are members in good standing of the APP ( Association of Professional Piercers ). It is not mandatory but personally I do not know of any “Professional” Piercers that are not.
  • Ask the Piercer if he or she has a portfolio of the piercings they have done, if so then look at it. If the photos look good to you, and there are a lot, then odds are they have been doing this for a while (especially if they dated the photos). The portfolio is not something that you will always find, but it is another clue to look for.

Once you think that you have found a safe place to get your first piercing, then if you are ready the first thing that you should do is Ask Questions both BEFORE the piercing and then again after. Like Aftercare procedures. You should have them both explained to you and receive them in writing. If they do not have them already preprinted to give to you to leave with, Walk Out.
Find out the Gauge and Size of the Jewelry that is being inserted. This is for a few reasons,

  • Because you should have an idea of the gauge and size if you did your homework, so that you know it is being done properly.
  • You need to know what it is, so that you can properly purchase jewelry in the future.
  • Make sure that you Write Them Down. You will get very nervous and forget everything that they have told you by the time they are done.

Naturally you need to make sure that they are using sterile instruments on you. They should be either Disposable tools or Autoclaved and packaged, and therefore they should have an autoclave on the premises. They should open the needle in front of you to show you that it was sterile.

The rest is now up to you to keep you piercing clean and free of germs and infections by following the directions that they told you and gave to you. We have aftercare solution that are made just for this and are very popular with Professional Piercers.
Be diligent and use common sense and you should have Good Luck with your new piercing.

Flesh Suspension, Body Piercing, & Body Modification

A tisket a tasket, 4 bricks in the basketA relatively limited Art related to the Body Piercing industry is on its way to becoming much more popular and possibly even “main stream” in the near future. It is “Suspension”. This is accomplished when several body piercings are made in the body using Fish Hooks. Yes! we really do use Stainless Steel Fish Hooks with the barb ground down.

Do not go and pick up just any fish hook as they need to be the correct gauge to hold the weight of a human body, and they need to be Stainless Steel. We are considering adding them to our line in the near future if there is enough requests for them. There are only 2 particular hooks that are being used, and I think those fishing tackle companies probably just think that there has been a real population boom in the large Salmon 🙂 .

When all the piercings are complete and hooks inserted into the proper locations, then you are attached to ropes or cables that go to several different pulley’s which are used to lift you and “Suspend” you by these hooks. Sounds daring huh? Then later you can insert regular body jewelry to the piercings if you like, you do not keep the hooks in.
In a San Jose tattoo parlor, Mr Falkner who is considered the “Father of Modern Suspension,” had a class teaching just this. He took 15 different people from all lifestyles which varied from a lawyer from San Diego, an IT guy from Silicon Valley, two journalists from Mexico City, a state employee from Nebraska and a truck driver from Pennsylvania. In these classes they learned how to pierce skin, rig pulleys and clean wounds. On the final day after class they got the chance to practice their new skills on each other. Here is a link to this article if you would like to read more about it :

Body Piercing and Body Modification is here to stay, and Body Jewelry by is here to supply you with whatever you need. People will continue to find new ways to express themselves whether it be a tattoo, Body Piercing, Human Suspension, or some other form of body modification, there is something for everyone. Everyone enjoys being different, life would be really boring if everyone all looked and acted the same way.

Spam blockers block many companies email

Something that is really becoming a headache that has little to do with body jewelry is SPAM and SPAM BLOCKERS. One has gotten to be as bad as the other. Spammers got to be horrible, so companies made Spam blockers better and better. Now some of them are to good and you are not getting the email that you really should be getting. Continue reading

Personal Area Piercings are for Pleasure

English: From top to bottom: a horizontal clit...Body Piercing is done on just about every part of your body. It’s not just the navel, or nose anymore. Genital Piercing has become much more popular then you may realize. I know some people will find this hard to believe. A  Pun intended 🙂 however it is a fact.

The first response of many people is “why would anyone want to do that to themselves?” The answer usually is quiet simply “for the pleasure”.

The pain associated with the different genital piercings is not as bad as you may think. The reason for this is that you are piercing through nerves that are used to sensing pleasure, and are not as receptive to pain. The major reason for most of the genital piercings done is for pleasure, so a lot of pain would defeat the whole purpose. In fact if you are looking for pain, genital piercing is not the right place to look.

Of course there are risks with these piercings just as there are with any piercing, and just about everything else that we do in life. Some of the risks are serious on a couple of the piercings, such as the Ampallang. If that one is done incorrectly you can be rendered impotent very easily. However something else to think about is that Infection is the number one side effect of a piercing and something that can cause many very serious problems due to complications. Due to the increased blood flow the genital piercings usually heal faster then other piercings. For instance, a Prince Albert Piercing can heal in 4 to 6 weeks, however a navel piercing may take up to 1 year to heal. That leaves a much larger window of time to have something go wrong, or to catch a disease that you would rather not have.

The most common cause of a “piercing gone wrong” is carelessness, ignorance, and utter disregard for another persons well being. Take the time to make sure that you know your Piercer, and that he or she is a true “Professional” in every sense of the word.

Unfortunately many studios are still operating without any autoclave and thus can not sterilize anything. Many “piercers” are not trained or licensed at all. There is not a lot of watchdog or enforcement yet in our industry the way that there is in the standard medical industry. And really even the medical profession could be better policed as well. So make sure that you watch your but for yourself, or your but may be all that you have left down there. 🙂

Some of the male genital piercings are; Prince Albert ( being the most common ), Reverse Price Albert, Frenum, Dydoe, Guiche, and the Ampallang ( which is the most dangerous ).

In women, the genital piercings include; Vertical Clitoral Hood ( the most popular for females), Horizontal Clitoral Hood, Inner Labia, Outer Labia, and Triangle piercing to name a few. There are several more for both but these are some of the more common ones.

They make some very interesting pieces of jewelry for genital piercings, such as a Double Captive Curved Barbell for a Prince Albert Piercing, or a Double Bezel Set Flower for a Vertical Clitoris Piercing, so if you are looking to dress up the family Jewels or jewelry box make sure you go to a Reputable Experienced Professional Piercer. These piercings can make a big difference in you life, but it is up to you as to whether it is for the better or for the worse.

Captive Bead Rings – Most Popular Body Jewelry

Blackline Gem Set Captive Bead Rings

In Body Piercing, many people use Captive Bead Rings to fill their pierced holes. Captive Bead Rings are available in a variety of metals such as 14K Gold, Surgical Steel, Acrylic, and Titanium, just to name a few. All of these metals can be used safely in your piercings unless you have an allergy of course. Continue reading