10 Dumb Questions to ask your Body Piercer

You might have heard the saying, ‘There are no dumb questions’, Well, it is time to revisit that statement and come to terms with the fact that there actually are questions which can be defined in no better way than dumb. If piercing is painful for the person getting a piercing, then what is it that pains the Professional Piercer? No points for guessing, it is obviously Dumb Questions that people ask before, during and after the procedure of body piercing. Asking questions is a very good habit and should be encouraged in order to get proper information, especially about the aftercare. However, asking dumb questions is kind of well dumb!, and more than you actually learning something useful, it can really just piss off the piercer in whose hands lies your ‘flesh’ to be pierced.

So be very careful as to what sort of questions you pose to your body piercer. Imagine the irritation and annoyance dumb questions cause, to a piercer who is about to perform a task that demands high concentration and attention. Professional body piercers are extremely patient (they have to be) and do not get snappy easily, but after all they are mortals and cannot help but react to stupidity. They try to do it with tact and answer the questions with as much patience they can afford. This does not give you any license to annoy your body piercer because if he is annoyed then you better drop the idea of getting a smooth piercing from him or her.

The following are certain questions that one should Not Ask one’s body piercer, if you want to have a smooth body piercing session. The questions are in decreasing order of dumbness, making the first question the dumbest.

1. Does it hurt?
One of the most common and by far the dumbest question that you can ask your body piercer. What do you expect him or her to say? ‘No it does not, in fact, piercing is so blissful that people deliberately indulge in it to relax’! What do you think, when there are needles and metal jewelry of varying sizes being inserted in your flesh, would it hurt? Yes it will, undoubtedly and I am not being sarcastic here. Sometimes a lot and sometimes only a tiny amount, but it will hurt. If you are somewhat concerned about the pain factor, then rephrase the question a bit and ask questions such as how long will it hurt or what is the relative intensity of the pain compared to something else. Pain in body piercing is also inversely proportional to the endurance of an individual i.e the higher your pain tolerance, the lower the pain level.

2. Will you put the needle inside my skin?
I have never heard of a piercing being done without piercing the body? Have you? This question should have preceded the first actually.

3. Can I die getting my body pierced (more specifically, my genitals)?
If this was the case, there would be a law against it and people violating this law would not have been alive to show off their courage. It is no surprise that genitalia is a sensitive area to get a piercing but it is in no way fatal and really not considered extremely painful, for most of the piercings.

4. How frequently can I touch my piercing?
Why do you even need to touch it in the first place? Even if you want to do it, then simply wait till the time it is completely healed. Touch it only to clean or wash it, and only with clean hands.

5. Can I pour beer on my piercing when it hurts?
Obviously not, this will result in scaring the tissue and will not subside the pain. Do not push the body piercer over the edge with this one, at least for your benefit.

6. Will I ever be able to take the jewelry off or change the jewelry?
What makes a person think that once a body piercing is done that it can never be taken out? To many good drugs when they were younger, I guess. A piece of jewelry can easily be removed from your body by a Professional Piercer, and in most cases by yourself.

7. Will pain drugs, help make the healing process easier?
If not the dumbest, then definitely one of the weirdest questions. How in the world are pain drugs related to, healing body piercings. The healthier the lifestyle that one has, the quicker the healing of the piercing.

8. Would it help, if I ignore the swelling and accumulation of dead skin around the piercing. To give it time to heal?
No it would not. If your piercing has an infection then go to your piercer or doctor and follow the after piercing care, religiously. Remember the only thing that ignoring and giving time might heal are heart breaks and not physical wounds, for these we have hospitals and first aid.

9. Will I have to starve, if I get my tongue pierced?
If this was the scenario, then being overweight would not be so prevalent. The fashion industry would have models with their tongues pierced, sporting stick thin frames. Another dumb question. Tongue piercing does not interfere with your intake of food or digestion.

10. When will I be able to play with my piercing?
Oh right after, one month or so, when it grows up! Is this even a valid question? This is one that will really tick the body piercer off, so it is better we do not stretch it further. In all seriousness the term “play with” can mean a multitude of different things, so the Piercer cannot really answer it anyway. And on top of that the Piercer is trying to do a serious medical procedure with great care for you and you are telling him that you want to play with it?

A Professional Body Piercer will be more than happy to answer any question that comes into your mind. Nevertheless, remember, intelligent questions result in intelligent and clear answers. So strive hard and think beforehand, if you want a body piercing and want to keep it for a considerable time. You should have most of your questions answered before you are lying on the table anyway.

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