Advantages of Penis Plugs with Chastity Cages

Chastity cages come in many different designs. These penis cages are ideal for those who want to engage in male chastity play. One way to make male chastity more exciting is to use a special chastity device with a urethral toy. These penis plugs with chastity cages can truly enhance the experience for the wearer and his partner.

Penis Plugs with Chastity Cages

Penis plugs with chastity cages are special male chastity devices made for intensity. They provide a little extra to a standard penis cage. These devices include a rod that goes inside of the penis.

The only way to attach such a device to lock it up is to insert the penis plug inside of the penis through the pee hole. Once the plug is in place, you can position the rest of the cage in place and … read more

Nipple Stretching without Piercing

It is one thing to stretch your nipple piercing, but what about stretching nipples themselves? If you want to try nipple stretching without piercing, there are several ways to go. Both men and women can do erotic nipple stretching using different devices and methods.

What is Nipple Stretching?

Nipple stretching is a form of body modification. This modification makes the nipples larger, taller and more sensitive. Depending on the type of stretching used, your nipples can appear elongated and tall, or they may be round and stretched in diameter. Some people like to do both.

Why do nipple stretching? There are people who simply prefer the visuals of larger, tall or elongated nipples. Others find the feeling of stretching erotically stimulating. Some people use nipple stretching as part of their BDSM routine, but it is important to know that … read more

What is the Slowest Penis Piercing Healing?

There are many different types of penis piercings. Some heal surprisingly quickly, even quicker than the regular body piercings. Other male genital piercings are more complex and take much longer to heal. What is the slowest penis piercing healing and how long does it take to heal?

The Slowest Penis Piercing Healing

The slowest penis piercing healing depends on the type of the piercing. Different areas of the penis heal in different time. Some penis piercings are very quick to heal. For example, a Prince Albert piercing (PA piercing) heals very quickly. For most men, a PA piercing will heal in two months or less. Some men even are lucky to have their Prince Albert piercing heal in a month.

On the other end of the scale are penis piercings that go through the whole of the penis head. … read more

The Best Types of Electrical Plugs for e-Stim

If you are into e-Stim, there are many different types of electrical plugs you can use. The important thing is to have your proper electro sex power box to ensure safety, and to only use e-Stim toys that are made specifically for electro stimulation. You can use electrical plugs to stimulate the vagina, testicles, penis, anus, urethra and even your P-spot.

Different Types of Electrical Plugs

On the surface, all electro stimulation toys look different. However, they are all designed with electro sex in mind. It means that they have specific additions to attach the electrodes and your e-Stim power box to them. These electro sex toys are made with e-Stim in mind, which is important for ensuring your safety. They have been tested and developed for the electro sex. It means that they are safe for you and your … read more

Deep Urethral Insertion for Women

There are many men who enjoy urethral play, but women can also engage in this form of sexual play. Indeed, there are women who like to insert toys into the urethra and stimulate all the sensitive spots, such as clitoris, vagina and the urethra itself. Toys for men and women are generally similar, and those tend to be on the long side. For men, it means deep urethral play. Is it possible to have deep urethral insertion for women?

What is Deep Urethral Insertion for Women?

Deep urethral insertion for women is a type of urethral play in which toys go really deep. As deep as a toy can go. For men, it means inserting a urethral sound all the way down the penis and into the body, to the prostate or even further, to the bladder. This is … read more

A Cheap Way to Stretch Testicles

The best way to get impressive low-hanging balls is to stretch testicles. Testicle stretching doesn’t really affect testicles themselves. Instead, you stretch your scrotum. An elongated scrotum makes your balls hang low. Men who wish to achieve this sometimes believe that it is costly and difficult to stretch your balls. Luckily, there is a cheap way to stretch testicles while still staying safe during the stretching process.

What is a Cheap Way to Stretch Testicles?

A cheap way to stretch testicles is the one that doesn’t require expensive equipment. However, since ball stretching is an activity that brings risks, your chosen method of stretching needs to be safe. It is dangerous to stretch your testicles using household items and other potentially harmful items.

The good news is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money to stretch your read more

Common Mistakes with LITHA Method

The LITHA (leave it the hell alone) method is known as the most effective type of piercing aftercare. The LITHA method is very easy to achieve, because it asks you not to touch your piercing while it is in healing. However, there is more than just not touching jewelry and piercing during the healing time, which is why many people make mistakes with LITHA method.

Mistakes with LITHA Method

While LITHA method is not difficult to do, there are some common mistakes you need to be aware of:

Touching Your Piercing

The main mistake of the LITHA method is not to follow it at all. Meaning: instead of leaving the piercing alone, you touch it frequently. This is a bad idea for so many reasons. The only time you should touch your piercing is during the cleaning. You need to … read more

Cock Rings for Premature Ejaculation

A great thing about cock rings is that they can be so much more than just sex toys. While they can enhance pleasure for the wearer and his partner, good cock rings can also help with certain problems. Men who have erectile problems, weak erections sometimes use penis rings to improve their performance. Is it also possible to use cock rings for premature ejaculation?

Using Cock Rings for Premature Ejaculation

It is important to understand what a penis ring can do before you use them to help you with premature ejaculation. It is also vital to know that using cock rings for premature ejaculation is not a substitute for proper medical attention. If you have problems with premature ejaculation, the only way to solve them is to consult your doctor. A cock ring or any other sex toy is not … read more

Urethra Shrinking After Stretching

Stretching your urethra can be a fun activity, especially you incorporate urethral play into it. While you have to be careful and always go slowly, there is a lot of pleasure you can enjoy with it. It is also rewarding to finally stretch your urethra so much it can accept larger toys. It can be disheartening to later experience urethra shrinking. Why does it happen and is there something you can do about it?

Why Does Urethra Shrinking Happen?

Urethra shrinking is not an uncommon thing that people experience during their journey toward discovering urethral stimulation. It is the opposite of stretching: instead of becoming wider and larger, you may discover that your urethra has shrunk to a smaller size. This size is never smaller than your original size, and in most of the cases, it is larger than that. … read more

Chastity Piercing: Apadravya Piercing with a Lock

There are many different ways to approach male chastity. Many people choose to go with conventional male chastity cages and other chastity devices. However, this is not the only way to practice male chastity. People with penis piercings often go after a convenient lock that is attached to their penis piercing. The most common way to do this is through your Prince Albert piercing. However, it is also possible to have Apadravya piercing with a lock.

Chastity Piercing with a Lock

There are several different ways to approach a chastity piercing. Essentially, it is a genital piercing that can be used to perform chastity by attaching a lock to the piercing jewelry. There are different variants, depending on what you want to achieve. The most common way to go is to use a PA piercing with a small locking … read more