Batter-Up Plug & Glans Ring

Batter-Up Plug & Glans Ring gets your game on in no time. This is a powerful cum through penis plug made for deep stimulation. It also includes a sturdy glans ring made for additional stimulation. This is a plug that will satisfy you in no time.

Batter-Up Plug & Glans Ring is a powerful toy made for sensual urethral massage. This is a cum through plug, which means it allows all fluids to flow freely. The plug is smooth and sturdy, so it will sure satisfy you in no time.

This plug starts at 7mm but it graduates to its widest point at over 9.5mm, then slims back to 7mm. The “bat” or shaft that rides next to the penis is over 5mm in diameter and it’s 1.75” long. The plug itself is 3” long.

This is a powerful penis toy made for complete satisfaction!

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