Ball To Small and curve to Short

Ball is To Small, and
the Curved Barbell is to Short

<----Metal Allergy, or More likely Cheap China Jewelry like from Spencer's or one of the cheap kiosks in the Mall.

Also the Curves are now to short due to the Inflammation.Hard to say if they were always to short.

Beautiful Belly Piercing

<---A Beautiful Healthy Belly Piercing


Why are there so many different prices on Body Jewelry for what all appears to be the exact same thing? You've heard it over and over again, "you get what you pay for", well it is true. Usually a ring that is $0.99 is simple not even close to the same quality of a ring that is $11. Now I don't mean to say that the price tells the whole truth, because there are companies that will sell that same $0.99 ring to you for $11, but it is one indicator to look at. At the very least you need to realize that if 10 companies have their ring priced at $8 to $12 and another company has what seems to be the same ring for $1.99 or whatever, then the odds are very good that the $1.99 ring is crap.

Body Jewelry is especially hard because the differences are very subtle, and can go totally unnoticed by the trained eye, and certainly by the newcomer. Some are even impossible to check without x rays, and the companies know this.

Cheaper quality items can have a lot of nickel in them to cause a nickel reaction in your body like seen above. Sometimes they even use what is commonly known as pot metal which is total garbage and barely suited for little figurines or key chains in vending machines. In Glass body Jewelry there are major issues of strength, where one piece has a high strength the other may be prone to shatter, which needless to say is not good in your piercing. ;-)
On metal pieces there can also be sharp corners, burrs, scratches and even gouges. aesthetically there is also the grade of the polish on the metal. Does the Stainless Steel look like your kitchen sink, or a medical instrument. There is a huge difference between 316L Surgical Steel and 316L Surgical Steel.

The effects to your piercing from wearing low quality body jewelry made with inferior metals that are not suitable for your piercing can be serious, commonly causing piercing rejection, infections, and keloids. And to tell you the truth none of those are much fun. Why would you go through the pain and healing maintenance time if you are just going to stick anything in your piercing. The odds are it will get badly infected and if not taken care of your piercing will migrate out, or you will have to take the jewelry out and let it close up under a doctors care, and then either way you will not have the piercing at all. (note: Do not ever take the jewelry out of an infected piercing without a doctors advice).

Sometimes you can find the popular items for up to 10 times less cost then other retailers. Now just add the doctors bills, prescription antibiotics, and getting the piercing done again, to that $0.99 and you will have your true cost. (not counting pain and aggravation of course)

At Body Jewelry By The Chain Gang, they try to only carry quality items that will not cause problems for you or your piercing. they offer a variety of materials such as Nickel Free 14K Solid Gold, 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, Borosilicate Glass, Polymethlymethacrylate (Acrylic), and also Grade 23 Surgical Titanium. they state that they "Carry very High Quality Body Jewelry because we have pride in our business, and care about our customers."

Respect the business's that respect you. Face it any business can carry the junk jewelry and just look at their bottom line, that is cheap and easy.
They carry the better quality jewelry for a reason, YOU.