Wedding Party

We have even made sets for the entire wedding party. On this occasion, all of the girls and guys had cartilage piercings, and the bride wanted everyone to have matching jewelry.

So we made 22 of these labrets to fit except with 14k gold backs as well. Then the bride and the groom exchanged matching nipple rings.

  • Prong Set Labret 14K Gold
  • Genuine Pearl Prong Set Curved Barbell
  • Genuine Diamond Fixed Bezel Ring
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Couples Rings

We have made matching curved barbells in Titanium for a couple that was tying the knot. They were for their Prince Albert piercings which they planned to exchange on their wedding night. These were really beautiful pieces of jewelry.

  • Single Captive Curved Barbells
  • Single Captive Titanium Curved Barbells
  • Titanium Double Captive Curved Barbell

Diamond Wedding Sets

We made a wedding set that was one curved barbell with a 1 carat Trillion shaped Diamond for him, and a Nipple Ring with a 1 carat Trillion shaped Diamond for her.

  • Trillion Ring 14K Gold
  • Genuine Diamond Double Prong Set - Curved Barbell
  • Trillion Straight Barbell
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Eternal Love

There was even one couple that wanted to prove their love was eternal so they used our 10 gauge 14k Gold Seamless Rings with the intent to get the ends soldered together somehow.

  • Seamless Rings 14K Gold
  • Segment Rings 14K Gold

Unique Wedding Sets

Since we are straying from the "traditional" wedding ring, it is not surprising that some couples use straight barbells, curved barbells, and circular barbells as well.

  • Pear And Teardrop Dangle Curved Barbell 14k Gold
  • Captive Circular Barbells
  • Genuine Diamond Princess Cut - Curved Barbell
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We have custom made them in 14k Gold, 14k White Gold, Surgical Steel and Titanium, most are either yellow or white Gold though.

  • Round Prong Set Dangle Fixed Ring 14k Gold
  • Screwball Rings 14K Gold
  • Genuine Diamond Double Prong Set - Curved Barbell
  • Circular Barbell 14K Gold
  • Bezel Set Ring 14K Gold