Nipple Jewelry - Fad or Not

You may have received your first glimpse of a nipple shield during Janet Jackson flash-o-rama during the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show. In addition, if you go out into the world or even watch television you have probably noticed all kinds of body piercing including nipple rings. Many people just turn their heads and wonder how long this fad will last. Now, comes the real question - Is nipple jewelry just a fad that will pass away with time?. The answer - Nipple Jewelry has been around for to many centuries dating back as far as the middle of the 14th century to be called a passing fad..

Nipple Jewelry - the history

During the 14th century, women began wearing very low necklines, which would reveal half of their breasts, including Queen Isabella of Bavaria that introduced the Garments of the grand neckline?. This dress was open all the way to the navel exposing not only half of the breast but the nipple as well. Nipple jewelry in the way of nipple rings with diamonds studs and other jewels or caps were often seen. Many of these women did not only cover their nipples with nipple caps but did in fact pierce the nipples and passed unique gold chain through the piercings. Many of the chains were decorated with diamonds or other precious gems.

The next time you hear about nipple jewelry was in the 1890s. It was in this year that The Bosom Ring came into style . The Bosom Ring was a very expensive nipple ring and was sold at Parisian jewelry shops. The Anneux De Sein? was pierced through the nipple and many women wore a small delicate chain on either sides of the nipple ring. These rings made the nipples larger and the nipples stayed in an excited and erect state as long as the women were wearing the Bosom nipple ring.

New age nipple jewelry

There are various nipple jewelry pieces that can be worn today including nipple clamps, nipple rings and nipple shields. Before going into the different styles, lets first look at why people wear nipple jewelry.

The medical reason for wearing nipple rings is that it aids in pulling out inverted nipples. Nipple rings are also known to increase the size of the nipple which can make breastfeeding a bit easier.

Apart from having some medical benefits, nipple jewelry has many personal reasons for being famous. All kinds of nipple jewelry pieces make the nipples larger, which creates more sensitivity. Jewelry pieces like Nipple rings and nipple clamps make the breasts more sexually appealing and the nipples are always in a heightened state of arousal. Men and women both derive pleasure when their nipple ring, nipple shield and even a nipple clamp is fondled with by their partner. Nipple jewelry heightens the sexual experience as stimulation is already there and just a slight touch brings on more excitement.

Different nipple jewelry pieces

Nipple Shields

Nipple Shields are decorative and create an even more attractive look than just a simple nipple ring. The nipple shield encircles the nipple covering a small portion of the areola, and is held in place by the nipple ring.

Nipple Rings

A nipple ring is of course similar to the pierced earrings that are worn on the earlobes. Nipple rings are just larger in gauge and also come in a variety of styles and designs.

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps come in three different styles - the Tweezer Clamp, the Clover Clamp and the Kitty Clamp. The nipple clamp is designed to stimulate the nipples by applying varying degrees of pressure.

Tweezer nipple clamps are the most popular because they are comfortable and very attractive. The tweezer nipple clamp is slender and graceful and instead of clamping, clasps onto the nipple. Adjustable tension with plastic covered curved wire ends are used in Tweezer nipple clamps that gently close around the base of the nipple. In a Tweezer nipple clamp, the nipples are left uncovered so they can be stimulated by other means.

Clover nipple clamps are large and durable. A clover nipple clamp has four open sections between the arms. With the clover clamps, the pressure can not be adjusted without tugging on the clamps. The gripper pads of clover nipple clamps are created from small rubber discs that have bumps on them for added pleasure. These will not come off until you are ready to remove them.

Kitty nipple clamps look similar to the alligator clamps.These nipple clamps have an adjustable screw so you can get the tightness you desire. They have a control dial that vibrates more as you rotate the dial bringing on even more pleasure.

Nipple jewelry is not just a fad that will pass with time. Nipple jewelry pieces have been around for centuries and are here to stay not only for their beauty but also for the erotic and pleasurable adventure they give the wearer.

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