Do you think body pircings and tatoos are cool? Are you thinking of getting one of each or many of both? Certainly a good idea! Tatoos and body pircings have been around for a very, very long time. Pearcing the body and painting it with different designs was a definite mark of royalty and set the royal few apart from the common others. Today, tatoos and body piercings set the daring and cool few apart from the others. Not much has changed, except that tatoos have become permanent and body pircings are now adorned with much attractive piercing jewelery.


What are all the different kinds of jewelry available?

Body pearcing jewelery is available in many different shapes, designs and metals. Following are the most common kinds/types of piercing jewelery:

  • Bars or Barbell - the type of jewelry used in some piercings like the tongue, are measured in length. When the piercing is first done, a longer bar will be used. When the piercing heals, a shorter bar is used.
  • Ring jewelry - simple round jewelery measured by diameter or how wide the ring is.
  • Captive bead ring - the captive bead or ball fits into a small opening in the circle of the ring. The bead is slightly larger than this opening and has small indentations or depressions that correspond to the ring's end-points so that it may fit snugly against them.
  • Spiral - a more or less concentric circle that is usually worn in the ear. While glass spirals are most common, other materials are also used.

What metals should be preferred for piercing jewelery?

You should choose your body pircing jewelery very carefully, even after the piercing has healed. While 14k Gold and Platinum are considered the safest and best options, they sometimes prove to be expensive. This is where implant grade stainless steel comes in. Both 316L and 316L types of stainless steel meet the standards for 'implant grade' that has been approved by the American Society of Testing and Materials. This jewelery is reasonable priced and safe.

Silver is generally not a good choice at all and should be avoided. Titanium is also one of the very best for pearcing jewelery. It is not only used for piercing jewelery but also for surgical implants in the body.

The world of tatoos

Now that we know about body pircing and piercing jewelery, lets take a look at tatoos. They go well with pearcings and add to their effect. Tatoos and body piercings go hand-in-hand and help increase the beauty and effect.

Tatoos are permanent or semi-permanent designs on the body. Essentially an expressive art, tatoos can be symbols, pictures or writings, the options are limitless. Tatoos are something that accentuate the body and are known to add glamor to those who sport them. Tattoos on humans are a type of decorative body modification.

While tatoos can be a temporary affair, some people fall in love with them and just have to get a permanent tattoo. Getting a tatoo is the hottest thing around the block, but before you take the leap, think this through. It is something that will be there with you all your life. So ponder over the decision for a while, find out all you can about tatoos and if you still want to get one, go right ahead and turn heads!

Don't leave out the piercing though. After all, the look has to be complete!

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