Septum piercing – The Newest Fad in the World of Nose Piercing

Septum JewelryNose piercings are getting quiet common and while that does not, in the least, decrease their grace and attractiveness, if you want to look different, getting your nose pierced might just not be the thing. Don't be upset just yet! If you want a nose pierce and still want to look different, a septum piercing is perfect.

Septum or nasal septum is the cartilaginous dividing wall between the nostrils. The septum piercing passes through the nasal septum and is often referred to as a 'bull-ring piercing'. Generally, the cartilage itself is not pierced, but rather the small gap between the cartilage and the bottom of the nose, typically at a gauge no smaller than 1.6mm.

The healing time for a septum piercing, on average, is usually 1–3 months.

Septum jewlery

When it comes to septum jewlery, you have tons of options. While captive bead rings, rings that close with a bead held in the center by the tension of the ring, are the most common, circular barbells, a circular bar with a bead that screws on to either end, a 'tusk' which is a straight or shaped piece of material which is generally tapered on either end or pinchers can be worn.

All circular septum jewlery can be clubbed under the common heading of septum rings. So, simply put, septum rings are rings worn in septum piercings. They can be a simple ring or attached with captive beads.

For those who prefer large gauge septum jewlery, many choose to wear plugs, as they don' tweigh their noses down, which is helpful in the healing process. This allows for the piercing to not be damaged by the sudden movement of the jewelry.

Septum jewlery is available in a wide range of metals, but 14k Gold and Surgical Steel are preferred for both new and healed piercings. As for the designs, you have dainty and sweet looking septum jewels to bold and attention grabbing one. You can be an all metal and steel person or go bling-bling with danglers encrusted with stones. It's all up to you; but the bottom line is, if you have a septum piercing, your septum jewlery options are wide and attractive.

Septum retainers

Septum JewelryThe best thing about septum piercings, like navel and genital piercings, is that they can be concealed or camouflaged when required. For this purpose, septum retainers are used. There are two general kinds of septum retainers. There is a staple-shaped septum retainer which is made of either blackened niobium to be less visible or stainless steel or occasionally glass. Second, a variety of Plugs may also be used as septum retainers.

Typically, one would use a single-flare plug with an O-ring groove, or bullet, or a double-grooved plug with O-rings. Septum wearers at larger gauges may find these plugs to be more practical as they are usually more readily available and are more comfortable.

Septum piercings are fast gaining popularity and will be common in almost no time. So get one while it is still rare and shock and awe the world. The wonderful septum jewlery is another solid reason for you to get you septum pierced. Look at the immense choices and you will be on your way to a piercing studio real soon!

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