Quality of Gold Body Jewelry

Gold body jewelry has always given the wearer a feeling of esteem. The meaning of gold alone has always stood for wisdom and wealth throughout history. Gold at one time was believed to hold power for the person wearing the gold body jewelry and in some cultures still does today. Even in the times of ancient Egypt, royalty were known to adorn their bodies with. Other cultures throughout history hold the belief that gold stood for the golden rays of the sun and that all God were linked to the sun. Many cultures believe that gold body jewelry gives the wearer powers for success, health, the many pleasures in life, relaxation and an increase in their own power over their personal endeavors.

Buying quality gold body jewelry

The very first thing you should remember when you are searching for a
gold belly ring, or gold body jewelry is the way that the gold’s purity is measured to ensure that you are getting the best quality for your money. Also pay attention to the alloys that are added to the solid gold as nickel is commonly used although many people will have a reaction to it, especially in a body piercing.

The gold used to make Gold navel jewelry is identical to other gold jewelry. The only difference is that gold navel jewelry is created as 14 k gold body jewelry or as a gold belly ring. Gold is measured by karats.

Karat is just a word that is used when people are talking about the weight of prized metals and the purity of that metal. If you find gold body jewelry that is 24k then you have the purest form of gold. However, most gold jewelry in any form is not 24k, and if it was it would be very soft, and very expensive. 14k gold body jewelry is made from gold that is 14 karats of solid 24k gold and 10 karats of other metal alloys to give your gold belly ring more strength and durability.

'Gold' in your gold jewelry – common gold body jewelry terms

When you are searching for that special gold body jewelry piece, you may hear the words gold filled, gold plate, and gold leaf. This can confuse anyone that is just searching for 14k gold body jewelry. However, these terms are very easy to understand.

Gold filled body jewelry: Gold filled means that there is a layer of gold, which is normally 10 karat, and it has been bonded to the surface of another metal, which is rolled to a desired thickness. This means it is not the 14 k gold jewelry that you desire. This is not considered suitable for body piercing at all. Use only solid 14k gold body jewelry in your piercings.

Gold plated body jewelry: If you hear the gold jeweler say that the gold body jewelry is gold plated, this means that a layer of gold has been bonded to another metal. This is not considered suitable for body piercing at all. Use only solid 14k gold body jewelry in your piercings.

Gold leaf: Gold body jewelry is called Gold leaf when the layer of gold has been beaten into the desired size and then attached to the other metal by hand. This is not considered suitable for body piercing at all. Use only solid 14k gold body jewelry in your piercings.

You will also need to know that there are three different colors of gold. The various colors include yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Yellow gold is created by combining the gold with silver and copper while white is created by combing with silver or other white metals, and rose gold is created when combined with copper. You can find all kinds of styles of gold body jewelry including 14 k gold body jewelry, gold belly rings, and other fashionable gold body jewelry in all three colors.

Now that you have learned just a bit about gold, you should be able to find the perfect 14 k gold body jewelry, gold belly ring in white gold, or gold navel jewelry in yellow gold that will fit your personality and express your own sexuality.

Know your gold jewelry

Just remember one thing; the quality of gold body jewelry is no different that the quality they use to create stunning wedding rings and engagement rings. You just have to learn how to tell what you are truly getting from the jeweler, retailer or etailer. If he tells you the gold belly ring is gold leaf, gold plate, or gold filled then you will now be able to tell them this is not the quality that you desire for your gold navel jewelry. You can always explain that you desire 14k gold body jewelry and nothing else will do. This will also tell you a lot about the company's character and whether they care about you, the customer, or the bottom line.

Wear your gold body jewelry in style and use your own knowledge to except only the best. Talk with your jewelry store where you purchase your gold belly rings, they should be able to give you all the information you need to make an educated decision on the quality and durability of your gold body jewelry.

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