The number one thing to remember is NEVER stretch a piercing until the piercing is well healed, and never rush it. You can tear your piercing or make the piercing uneven during the stretching process. You also need to be careful with heavy jewelry as this can cause the stretching to go beyond the thickness of your jewelry.

When you are ready to begin stretching, it is best if you soak the piercing with hot compresses, which will allow the skin to be expanded with less pain, and the process should go smoother.

The first thing you should purchase when you are ready to stretch your piercings is an Insertion Taper and or a Stretching Taper . These innovative devices will let you test just how far you can stretch your piercing without causing damage. The stretching taper will ensure that the stretching is being done properly and evenly all the way around, which the Insertion Taper will do also, but it can also aide in inserting your new jewelry.

Other methods of stretching piercings include adding weight to your jewelry. This should be done with caution as if you add too much too fast, you can tear your piercing. In most cases, when you use weight to stretch a piercing, it does not stretch evenly but will in fact stretch vertically.

Some individuals revert to using such things as knitting needles, and golf tees. This is also not such a great idea for different reasons. Knitting needles are tapered at both ends, which does not help with continuous insertion; plastic needles have a seam that can cause problems with your piercing such as tearing, and do we really have to comment on using a golf tee.

One great way to stretch your piercings, even though it is slow, is by using tapered jewelry like ear talons. This way you can enjoy all the ear plugs you wish to wear and stretch your piercings at the same time.

Before you begin stretching, any piercings ensure that all the instruments have been thoroughly sterilized. Remember, everything worth doing, usually takes time. If you rush, your stretching you may not like the results due to damage to the piercings or uneven stretching which can truly ruin the effect you desire.