Instead of trying all the different ways that you can find on the internet or listening to your friends to self-stretch your piercings, it is best to visit a professional piercer. Doing this on your own, using all kinds of things lying around the house to stretch your piercings will be a nightmare whether you believe it or not. You can experience infections, bleeding, and above all else pain. Now you can do it yourself, if you have an idea how and patience. Above all, the process should be done slowly and properly to ensure your piercing will stretch to the size you desire, without tearing. The process takes weeks to go from one size to the next but once you have achieved the gauge you desire you will be pleased with the outcome. In fact we recommend to only go up 1 gauge per month and always use the Insertion Tapers to insert your new jewelry unless it is the flared earlets or plugs. It is usually always best though to talk with a professional that will provide you with the advice you need to ensure you stretch your piercings properly so you will not experience the pain and infection that is often a product of going it alone, (mainly from going to fast).

Inserting flared plugs and earlets is another difficult task if you do not know what you are doing. Quite a bit of the insertion technique has to do with the flared plugs and earlets themselves. The material the body jewelry is made from as well as the flexibility can make the process a breeze or a bit more difficult.

The major problem with inserting flared plugs or earlets is that the end of the jewelry item is larger than the actual gauge of the item, and the gauge of your piercing. This means your piercing must be large enough to accommodate the end of the body jewelry item in order for insertion to go smoothly. Many people recommend that you stretch your piercings at least one size larger than the gauge of the flared plugs and earlets you wish to wear. This is a stupid recommendation. The whole purpose to the flare is so that you can wear the piece without having to use the 0-rings, and also so that the piece will look larger than it really is. If done properly you should be able to insert the flared plugs or earlet without much hassle at all.

The proper way in which to insert flared plugs and earlets is by tilting the jewelry item at an angle and slowly with a rocking motion place the item into your piercing. You may have to hold the back of the piercing and gently push in one side and hold it in place while you gently push the other side in. This method is similar to buttoning your shirt.

The first few times you insert flared plugs or earlets you may need to use a lubricant. Do not use any type of lotion or gel you may have in your bathroom. The recommended lubricant is Vitamin E oil, or cocoa butter. No matter what though you do not want to cut, tear or rip your piercing.

When it doubt talk with your piercer to ensure you are purchasing the proper gauge jewelry items for your piercings, and inserting it correctly.