(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 21, 2008 ) The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store - http://www.TheChainGang.com
a leading online body piercing jewelry superstore, now offers quality
genital body jewelry in a wide range of designs and materials. Jewelry
is available for both male and female genital piercings at - https://www.thechaingang.com/category_info/259/adult-adventure
. In business for well over a decade, The Chain Gang is one of
Internet's foremost body jewelry stores. Quality jewelry for all
piercings including ears, navel, nose, labret and eyebrows is offered
at discounted rates.

“As genital piercings are much less common, most people don't really
find a lot of good quality genital body jewelry. This is where The
Chain Gang comes in. Our range of genital jewelry is designed by
experts and is completely safe for both fresh and old genital
piercings”, Scott Johnson, President of The Chain Gang Body Jewelry
Store, shares about the store's range of genital body jewelry. “There
are no ends to the infections that can spring up if the wearer chooses
the wrong jewelry piece for a genital piercing. We know and completely
understand this, therefore all our genital jewelry pieces are designed
with the highest quality materials such as 14k Nickel Free Gold, 316L
Surgical Steel and Implant Grade Titanium. We also have Hybrid genital
body jewelry which is made by fusing together 14k nickel free Gold and
Surgical Steel for a totally healthy and safe piercing”, he further

Genital piercings are essentially a recent and Western phenomenon and
are fast becoming popular. The common male piercing is a Prince Albert
while the common female piercing is clitoral. These piercings, while
not very troublesome, are highly prone to infections and allergies and
it is very important to pick the right genital jewelry. The best choice
of materials for genital body jewelry are Surgical Steel, Niobium,
Titanium and nickel free 14k or more White/Yellow Gold.

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store's genital body jewelry includes
Straight Barbells, Curved Barbells, D-Rings and much more and all
pieces are internally threaded. In addition to the traditional Gold and
Surgical Steel jewelry, the online body jewelry store offers genital
jewelry in Acrylic and Titanium and each piece comes backed by the
store's 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Furthermore, the body
jewelry store practices discreet shopping and all orders are sent out
in a regular Priority Mail Box from the Post Office, without any
references to The Chain Gang or the box's contents.

“We realize the concerns you face while buying jewelry for your
piercings, especially navel and genital piercings, and therefore, we
have taken the utmost care in providing only the highest quality
jewelry. I assure you, you can trust The Chain Gang completely. In case
you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact me
personally”, says Scott with a smile.

To view the genital body jewelry offered by The Chain Gang, please visit: https://www.thechaingang.com/category_info/259/adult-adventure

About The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store:

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store (http://www.TheChainGang.com)
is one of the leading online body piercing jewelry superstores offering
jewelry for all body piercings including eyebrows, ears, nipple, labret
and navel. In business since 1992, over 50% of The Chain Gang's staff
is comprised of licensed or former Professional Body Piercers. Only the
finest materials such as Nickel Free 14k Gold, 316L Surgical Steel
and F-136 Implant Grade Titanium, are used for the jewelry pieces,
which are handcrafted and designed by leading designers.

The online body piercing jewelry store features an active blog (http://www.TheChainGang.com/blog)
and articles pertaining to body piercing information and facts. A
sizing chart is also available, as well as answers to frequently asked
questions. Also, free shipping is provided on orders over $150. The
Chain Gang Body Jewelry is also the publisher of The Body Jewelry News,
an ezine that is sent to over 30,000 people bi-monthly. The online body
piercing jewelry store guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and secure
online transactions.