Popular female genital piercing placements:

Clit Piercing / Clitoris Piercing

Female Genital JewelryClit piercing requires care and precision. Its important to see if the clitoris will be suitable for clit piercing as it is usually small and very sensitive. The decision to pierce the clitoris should be taken after careful analysis by a professional piercer. The clitoris piercing is rare ut clitoral hood piercing is very common because if done right, clitoris hood piercing can really heighten the pleasures and orgasms of a woman as clitoris is the most sensitive part of the anatomy in females. Clit hood piercing is done in two styles; horizontal hood piercing and vertical hood piercing.

Clitoris Hood Piercing Healing time: 5-7 weeks

Appropriate Types of Body Jewelry:

Horizontal Clitoris Hood Piercing: Circular Barbells or Clitoris Rings are commonly used.

Vertical Clitoris Hood Piercing: Clit Rings and Straight Barbells, and specifically Curved Barbells.

Clitoris Hood Piercing / Hood Piercing

Clitoral hood piercing is the easiest and most common kind of female genital piercing. Research shows that clitoral hood piercing heightens sexual stimulation to a great extent depending on the placement, the jewelry, and the individual anatomy. Hood piercing is also done in two styles; horizontal hood piercing and vertical hood piercing. Vertical hood piercing is more comfortable as well as more stimulating. Neither one of the hood piercings actually penetrate the clitoris.

Hood Piercing Healing time: 8-10 weeks

Type of Body Jewelry:

Female Genital JewelryHorizontal Hood Piercing: If the clitoris is very sensitive, hood piercing should be preferred as the clitoris is not in direct contact with the hood piercing jewelry. Curved Barbells, Circular Barbells or Rings are common for horizontal hood piercing.

Vertical Hood Piercing: Vertical hood piercing is done in the vertical direction in a way that the jewelry can enhance sensations by resting on the clitoris. Starting from the top of the hood, the piercing ends under the hood just above the clitoris. Compared to the horizontal piercings, vertical hood piercing is more popular among women looking to increase sensations. Captive bead rings and barbells, specially curved barbells are common for vertical hood piercing.

Triangle Piercing

Triangle piercing is often confused with hood piercing. Its slightly different than hood piercing since the piercing forms a triangular shape and passes under the clitoral shaft. It can stimulate the clitoris from both front and back. Again, anatomy plays an important role here as well and is a more painful form of genital body piercings. Women with a clitoris that is high enough for the piercing to pass under can get triangle genital piercing done. Apart from adorning the body, it increases intensity of sensual stimulations and also during sexual intercourse, and is usually considered the ultimate in the female genital body piercings.

Triangle Piercing Healing time: 10 to 12 weeks

Appropriate Types of Body Jewelry: Straight Barbells, or Rings are suitable for triangle piercing

Isabella Piercing/ Nefertiti piercing

These kind of female genital piercings are fairly new and at an experimental stage and should be done very carefully in order to avoid health problems.

Labia Piercing

It is important to choose high quality genital body jewelry always, and it is no different with the jewelry for the labia piercing. Usually, this female genital piercings placement is made slightly higher than the center of vaginal area. It provides additional stimulation to one or both the partners during sexual intercourse.

The labia piercing can be placed either through the inner labia or the outer labia.

Inner Labia Piercing

Inner labia piercing is not very common, however it heals very quickly and is less of painful than outer labia.

Inner Labia Piercing Healing time: 3 to 5 weeks

Appropriate Types of Body Jewelry: Fixed or Captive Rings or Circular Barbells. Large Rings are known to provide increased stimulations during intercourse.

Outer Labia Piercing

Not suitable for all women, outer labia piercing takes more time in the healing process than inner labia piercing. The piercing can be done on either side of the out labia.

Outer Labia Piercing Healing time: 8 to 12 weeks

Appropriate Types of Jewelry: Fixed or Captive Rings, or Circular Barbells are the most common labia piercing jewelry

Fourchette Piercing

Female Genital JewelryFourchette piercing is the least popular type of female genital piercing as it is placed over the perineum and which is not very common among women. The piercing jewelry is inserted in the extra skin next to the vaginal opening and can damage the skin if it gets caught in anything or if pulled inside the vaginal canal during intercourse.

Fourchette Piercing Healing time: 10 to 12 weeks

Appropriate Types of Jewelry: Body Jewelry Rings, or Curved Barbells are most suitable for this type of female genital piercing.

Christina Piercing

Also called Venus piercing, Christina piercing is not popular. This type of female genital piercing can be very uncomfortable. It requires a vertical V-shaped piercing at the area where the outer labia meets the pubic area. Christina piercing requires long healing time and anatomy plays an important role in determining the success of this piercing. There is a very common occurrence of piercing rejection in this piercing.

Christina Piercing healing time: 13- 15 weeks

Appropriate Types of body jewelry: Curved Barbells, or circular barbells can be used however Surface Barbells recommended.

Female Genital Piercing After Care

Before getting any piercing done, take note of after effects like occurrence of bleeding after the piercing and take appropriate after-care steps such as:

Genital piercing after care Do's:

  • Wearing cotton underwear can help in quick healing of the wound caused by clit piercing or any kind of vaginal piercing.

  • Run clean water over the piercing to clean the pierced area. Wash the pierced genital part with very mild antibacterial soap to avoid irritation, burning, or infection.

  • Using Sea Salt Water once a day. Many claim that lavender oil helps in healing the clit / hood piercing.

  • Prefer using paper towel instead of cloth towel to pat dry the pierced area.

Female Genital JewelryfGenital piercing after care Don't's:

  • Don't touch your genital piercings with dirty hands in order to avoid infections.
  • Avoid swimming, masturbation and any kind of sexual activity during the healing time. Any of these activities can lead to infection in the pierced area or tearing on the skin in the case of outer labia and Fourchette piercing.
  • Dont use any creams with alcohol content on the piercing

The genital piercing jewelry must be selected very carefully and should be of the finest quality in order to avoid any infection. While some areas are suitable for barbells, others maybe suitable for captive bead rings only. Check out TheChainGang online body jewelry store for a fine collection of everything:

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