Female Piercings

Female Genital JewelryAccording to the majority of women that have received female piercings, the Vertical Clitoral Hood is the piercing that is the easiest to have done and is not that uncomfortable in comparison to some of the other female piercings. This type of piercing heals faster and is also the one most prized for an increase in stimulation. This is true due to the direct contact stimulation without actually penetrating the clitoris. The procedure is very simple and does not take a considerably amount of time.

The most important aspect of female piercings is once you decide on the type of piercing you desire, you should choose a qualified and experienced piercer. They will follow all the health codes and proper procedures so you will have a less chance of any problems or infection.

As far as the day of the procedure, some women have reported they became a bit nauseous after the piercing, so it might be in your best interest not to eat a few hours prior to the piercing appointment. Every woman is different and your own pain tolerance will have more to do with the pain level that you might experience than the actual procedure itself.

The piercings for the clitoral hood can be vertical or horizontal according to your own preference; however, you can discuss this with not only your piercer but also your piercing friendly physician. Most genital piercings they are often treated the same when it comes to the healing process. The piercer will most likely recommend that you take a salt bath for fifteen minutes per day as well as watch for infection and swelling. Also no “play” or intercourse is recommended for at least 2 weeks. If you follow the directions and recommendation, you should not develop an infection or have any problems at all. The most common pieces for the Hood are Captive Rings and Fixed Rings but several styles of piece can be used depending on the orientation.

There are several different female piercings so here are a few of them:

• Christina-This vertical piercing goes through the V-shaped area at the top of your labia lips just above the pubic area. While many women are getting this piercing now, it is the one that does take a long time to heal (up to 12 weeks). The jewelry will also twist and sometimes bind with just normal every day moving. The curved barbell is recommended for this area.

• Fourchette- this piercing is done right over the perineum from the bottom of the opening by the vagina. This is not one of the popular piercings women choose. Some women cannot get this if they do not have that flap of skin there. If you do then this is where the jewelry is inserted. You do have to be careful with this procedure because the skin in this area is so thin you can tear it from normal moving. There may also be pain during intercourse because it can be pulled inside. The jewelry for this is the 10 or 12 gauge captive bead ring or curved barbell.

• Outer Labia- These piercings have been done one at a time, or some women have gotten several at a time and done both sides at once. You have to watch this area because of the rejecting of the jewelry in this area tends to be higher than average. Rejection is a little higher on the outer labia, rather than the inner labia. Clothing usually aggravates these types of piercings especially when sweating. The jewelry for these is captive rings 12-10 gauge. Men used to have their wives pierced here and then add a lock holding the lips together to prevent them from having sex with anyone but him. While other cultures use it to decorate their women. Healing is usually 8-12 weeks before they are fully healed.

• Inner labia- This piercing is less painful to have done then the outer labia. Multiple piercings are quite popular on the inner labia. The skin is easy to stretch in this area and it will reject the jewelry less than the outer labia. You can also add weight to this area and it withstands it better than any other part of the body. The jewelry used for this piercing is 14-10 gauge captive rings. The larger the jewelry the more sexual stimulation there will be. Healing time for this one is usually 4-6 weeks.

• Triangle- This piercing has to be suited for certain women just like the Fourchette. This piercing is actually placed behind the clitoris under the hood. This makes pleasure more exciting if you have the hood done as well. That way you have stimulation in the front and back at the same time. This is why you must have enough skin here to pull the clitoris away from the body so it can be pierced. If you do not have this skin, you cannot get it done. Make sure the person you have do this procedure is a Professional Piercer and truly knows what he is doing with this piercing, because to have this one done he needs to know whether you’re a good candidate for this piercing or not. Jewelry used for this one is usually a
circular barbell or a captive ring 12-10 gauge. Just like the Fourchette, this take 8-12 weeks to heal.

Female Genital JewelryThe piercings listed above are the most popular female piercings. However, just because they are popular does not mean they are the right piercings for you. You should do your homework and learn all the pros and cons about the various piercings including the proper way in which to maintain the piercings so you do not have any problems. If you are wondering about the maintenance efforts of various piercings, then the list below will help you make a decision on which piercing you may desire.

Genital piercings - these are all high maintenance because they are in constant wet areas. However they are usually low problem piercings, seeing very few problems in comparison to some other piercings. Bacteria tend to grow easier in warm moist areas therefore; genital piercings may need more attention and care than other piercings. Genital piercings will need to be cleaned once per day.

Belly Button - this is considered a high maintenance piercing because for one it is at your waistline so every time you bend you are moving it. You are stretching this area and also the piercing. Since it is similar to a surface, piercing it is more likely to reject the jewelry. Many push up to the surface and come out. Because of all the movement, it will take longer to heal than most other piercings.

• Tongue Web - this is one of the highest-high maintenance piercing. The area pierced is under the tongue is always in constant contact with food and saliva so bacteria is constant. The plaque builds up fast. You must from the first day and for the rest of your life you will have to take care in the hygiene of your tongue web piercing. This constant battle will leave many people wishing they never got it done. An electric toothbrush will be your best investment. It works wonders on the barbell to get plaque off. A pair of tweezers also helps get the plaque off.

Lip piercings - these types of piercing are also a little high maintenance. These areas are also in constant contact with bacteria and food so you will also have to keep up a new regimen of oral hygiene with these piercings.

• Cheek Piercings - these are very high maintenance because of the danger to the salivary glands as well as bacteria. Moving your cheeks in and out constantly will make healing time a lot longer than other piercings.

Oral piercings - There are many different concerns for any type of oral piercings. You have to watch bacteria, injuries to the gum tissue, loss of taste, chipping or cracking teeth, problems with x-rays during a dental visit, gum recession from the ball rubbing the gum line.

If you are going to get a genital piercing to enhance sexual pleasure then you should do your homework and learn what others say about their own piercings. You will find a wealth of information by talking with a Professional Piercer as well as reading the various books on piercings possibly at your local library. Learning what others actually experience with these piercings is about the only way for you to make a final decision. You do not want to get a piercing and not enjoy the experience or learn that the piercing is not giving you the desired effect. Do your own research first then ask around before you make your decision.

The most popular that are known to enhance sexual pleasure include Clitoris Hood, Nipple Piercings, Tongue piercings, Labia Majora, and Suitcase.

The Clitoris Hood is the most popular and raved female piercing; however, if you wish to please your partner then you should consider tongue piercing.