(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 01, 2008 ) September 1, 2008

One of the Internet’s leading body jewelry stores, The Chain Gang (http://www.thechaingang.com), has announced 10% discount on the entire line of nipple jewelry. Applicable for all the nipple jewelry pieces, the discount has been announced on the occasion of Labor Day, a nationwide holiday. In the body jewelry business for well over a decade, The Chain Gang offers jewelry for all piercings including ears, navel, nipple and tongue.

The After Labor Day Discount is a part of The Chain Gang’s ongoing effort of helping people enjoy holidays and celebrate even more. “Regular discounts are a distinct mark of The Chain Gang. We provide discounts for every occasion so that it is easier for customers to gift beautiful jewelry pieces to their loved ones, and also buy some for themselves”, says Scott Johnson, President of The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. “The limited period discount we are offering for after Labor Day can be used by entering the coupon code 'labor-day' (without quotes) when making the purchase on our website”, he further adds.

In addition to the current After Labor Day Discount, The Chain Gang has, in the past, offered great discounts on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras. Scott believes that discounts are a way of thanking the customers and being a part of their happiness. “We love to be a part of all our customers’ celebrations. Whenever someone purchases body jewelry from us on special occasions, we feel that they are making us an important part of their joy and the excitement of gift giving!”, he shares.

The Chain Gang’s After Labor Day discount will commence on September 1 and go on till September 10, 2008. “The discount is applicable on all nipple jewelry pieces and coupled with our already reasonable rates, it brings the total price down to almost nothing considering material cost!”, says Scott. He firmly believes that The Chain Gang is the best place on the Internet for body jewelry shopping. “Low prices, satisfaction guarantee, secure shopping guarantee and free shipping, all come together here. Nowhere else will you be able to find such an amazing deal!”, he asserts.

In addition to 10% discount on and after Labor Day, The Chain Gang is also offering free shipping on orders over $150 and many other discounts that can be combined!

About The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store:

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store (http://www.thechaingang.com) is one of the leading suppliers of body piercing jewelry in the world. The store has been in business since 1992 and produces body jewelry designed by premier designers. The staff comprises of licensed or former practicing body piercers. The online store also provides handcrafted body jewelry pieces made from the finest materials which many are even nickel free. The jewelry store also features articles and blogs related to body piercings.

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and offers free shipping on order over $150.

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Scott Johnson
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