Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang introduced a new range of jewelry pieces for the Navel. Their website is the world’s leading online store for body jewelry and body piercing products. The exclusive Body Jewelry Store offers a variety of body jewelry items manufactured from pure and fine quality metals. The innovative designs of jewelry pieces are designed by internationally recognized designers and also by a private line of designers who handcraft every piece of body jewelry. The company has been in body jewelry business for the last 15 years.

The Chain Gang body jewelry store is an exclusive body jewelry online store which sells handcrafted body jewelry manufactured from pure metals and other materials such as Surgical Steel, Baltic Amber, Acrylic and even nickel free 14k Gold. There are multiple designs offered in each category of body jewelry items. Body Jewelry products are systematically segregated in different sections based on their type and the body part they are designed for. 100% satisfaction guarantee and dedicated customer service are the two objectives which drive the company towards success.

Elaborating on the addition of the Navel Body Jewelry section, Scott Johnson, President of Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang, said, “Body Jewelry is not just a profession for us, but is a strong passion, and this shows in the quality of our work. For us it is an art and not just manufacturing and selling. The recently added Navel section which includes jewelry pieces for the navel is congruent with latest trends in Body Jewelry and Body Piercing Jewelry”.

The Navel category constitutes a wide range of navel piercing jewelry from dangle barbells to Diamond Rings. Various types of materials are used in the manufacture of these products for instance 14k nickel free Gold, UV Reactive Acrylics, Surgical Steel, Titanium etc. Products are also classified according to the type of material used in their production for instance the 14K Gold section consists of rings, barbells, spirals, genuine gemstone pieces and circular barbells. There are two more elaborate sections in the Navel category, ‘Surgical Steel’ and ‘Other Materials’

Scott threw light on the company’s inclination towards latest trends and informed, “Our Navel section, like others, is upgraded at a regular basis. Therefore continuing with this tradition, we are presenting two new products for the month of August in each 14K Gold category in the navel section. Introduction of new jewelry products or designs further strengthens our belief in creativity and consistency in progress.”

Stressing once again on the specialty of their products, Scott explained how their jewelry items are not just designed for fashion but they do consider the comfort and convenience of the wearer. He said, “We have products in the navel body jewelry category such as the ‘Bendable Pregnancy Barbell’ that lets a woman wear a piercing even if she is expecting. There will be no danger presented to the baby or the mother as it is made from a bio-compatible material.”

The website apart from selling a wide variety of body jewelry and body piercing products, imparts loyal and dedicated customer service in the form of various discount schemes, recommendations (regarding the type of jewelry to be purchased), etc.

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About The Chain Gang – Body Jewelry, Inc.
Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang is one of the leading suppliers of body piercing jewelry in the world. The company was established in 1992 and has jewelry pieces for both men and women. They initially opened with their Body Piercing Studio in Polk County Florida and have now moved to Pasco County Florida. They have licensed and experienced body piercers on their team. Their jewelry products are manufactured from high and fine quality nickel free metals and medical grade materials such as 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, and Grade-23 Titanium. The website has features such as a Size and Gauge Chart, Articles, Frequently Asked Questions, Body Jewelry Blog, The Body Jewelry News, Discounts and Free shipping for orders above $150. All products are offered along with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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