The Chain Gang Body Jewelry store, one of the leading suppliers of body jewelry in the world, offers jewelry in gauges larger than most of the other makers. The Chain Gang is a premier online body jewelry store offering a wide range of body piercing jewelry. The store carries pieces for all types of body piercings. Based in Florida, the firm has been in business since 1992. Most of the body jewelry by The Chain Gang is hand crafted and made using the finest materials.

Scott Johnson, the President of Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang, explained the need for body jewelry with larger gauges, “It is essential for body jewelry companies to adapt to their customers needs, and that is what we are doing. People are pushing limits further then ever before, and The Chain Gang, will be there to supply them with what they want. Body piercings are different from ear piercings and thus require more care. People are stretching their piercings for many different reasons. You even hear on the news that Americans are larger then ever before, well so are our piercings”, joked Scott.

“The thickness of the wire is measured in gauge. The thicker the Jewelry the lower the gauge number. So a 2 gauge piece is much thicker then an 18 gauge piece of jewelry. The size and shape of body jewelry is determined by the body site pierced and sometimes personal preferences. It is very important that body jewelry is of appropriate gauge to start. If the jewelry is too thin, it can tear or scar the tissue. It can further cause bunching of the skin, tearing or even cause the skin to swell over the jewelry”, added Scott.

Jewelry with less gauge is less expensive but it is highly unsafe if it is not the proper gauge for the piercing. It is very easy for a thin jewelry piece to get entangled and get torn out from the body, or to just migrate and and be pushed out leaving a scar the whole way. The diameter and the length of the jewelry should be chosen carefully with professional assistance.

Reflecting on the market appeal of large gauge jewelry, Mr. Johnson comments, “Most jewelry makers shy away from producing body piercing jewelry with a large gauge as it takes more labor. It is difficult to bend and shape thick wires with finesse. Also, body jewelry with a large gauge is expensive so it does not attract buyers as much as less gauge jewelry does. But we are interested in our customers more then the bottom line. This is precisely why we are happy to offer larger gauge jewelry to our customers, as we have their best interest in mind at all times.”

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry store gives its customers the option of selecting the gauge of a piece before buying, and offers a gauge sizing chart on the site to help customers decide on the appropriate gauge for their jewelry.

The online body jewelry store apart from selling a wide variety of body jewelry and body piercing products, imparts loyal and dedicated customer service in the form of various discount schemes, recommendations, tips (regarding the type of jewelry to be purchased), articles, news etc. to it’s visitors.

The Chain Gang body jewelry blog and their body jewelry newsletter are increasingly becoming popular and have attracted over 30,000 current subscribers online who are seeking useful information and tips related to Body jewelry and body piercing.

About The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store:

Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang is one of the leading suppliers of body piercing jewelry in the world. The store has been in business since 1992 and produces body jewelry designed by premier designers. The staff comprises of licensed or former practicing body piercers. The online store also provides handcrafted body jewelry pieces made from the finest materials which many are even nickel free. The online store also features articles and blogs related to body piercings. A size chart is provided so that the customers can determine the size of a jewelry piece before placing the order. The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. For more information please contact:

Mr. Scott Johnson
President, The Chain Gang - Body Jewelry, Inc.
P.O. Box 166
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