(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 13, 2008 ) Jacksonville, FL - Internet's leading body jewelry store, The Chain Gang (http://www.thechaingang.com), offers organic body jewelry which is made from 100% natural materials. Available for all body piercings, the jewelry can be viewed by visiting https://www.thechaingang.com/category_info/390/organics. In business for well over a decade, The Chain Gang offers body jewelry for all piercings including ears, navel, labret and eyebrows.

The Chain Gang's range of organic jewelry is made from all natural substances and are backed by the store's 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Although all organic jewelry is made from materials like buffalo horn and cattle bone, the store guarantees and assures that no animal life was taken for the acquisition of these pieces.

“Organic jewelry is in vogue everywhere, and we always aim at providing customers with what is the latest and in demand”, says Scott Johnson, President of The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store, while speaking about the organic range. “We have taken the utmost care to use only the most genuine materials while making sure that no cruelty is inflicted upon the animals. All the jewelry pieces are reasonably priced and we have everything from ear plugs to twists and even a couple necklaces. Just order and we will speedily deliver them,” he adds.

Each organic jewelry piece available at The Chain Gang has been carefully handmade, with precise attention to detail. “I never thought organic jewelry could be so beautiful and graceful. But one look at The Chain Gang's range and I am hooked,” shares Jenna who has recently shopped for organic jewelry for the first time. “Chain Gang has been my trusted jewelry shopping source for over 5 years. So, obviously, when I wanted to try some all-natural jewelry I turned to them and they didn't disappoint! I have not seen such artistic jewelry anywhere else on the Internet,” she continues.

The Chain Gang's range of organic jewelry is reasonably priced. Moreover, the store provides free shipping on orders over $150. Detailed descriptions and images accompany each piece. “If you don't find what you are looking for do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help”, says Scott, who never fails to assert that The Chain Gang has the most reasonably priced jewelry online. “High quality and low prices come together at our online jewelry store. We offer the best deals, I guarantee you that,” assures Scott.

About The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store:

In business since 1992, The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store (http://www.thechaingang.com) has been recognized as a leader when it comes to providing quality body piercing jewelry online. Offering jewelry for all piercings, the store backs each purchase with 100% customer satisfaction, and genuine materials guarantees. Each jewelry piece is made with precision and care and designed by leading designers. Over 50% of the staff is comprised of licensed or former Professional Body Piercers. Only the finest materials such as nickel free 14k Gold, 316L Surgical Steel and F-136 Implant Grade Titanium, are used for the jewelry pieces.

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store features an active body piercing blog and articles giving all the body piercing information you need. Free shipping is provided on orders over $150. The Chain Gang Body Jewelry is also the publisher of The Body Jewelry News, an ezine that is sent to over 30,000 people bi-monthly.

For more information, please contact:

Scott Johnson
President, The Chain Gang - Body Jewelry, Inc.
P.O. Box 166
Vernon, Florida 32462
Fax: 727-489-6917
Email: customercare@TheChainGang.com