HUDSON, FL December 13, 2008 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Chain Gang (, leading online body jewelry store has recently posted an article (, listing various Dumb Questions that people ask or might professional body piercers. The article has been written in a light hearted vein but it also gives serious information about body piercings and the approach to adopt while posing questions to a professional body piercer. The Chain Gang is an online body jewelry store that offers a wide range of body jewelry. The body jewelry store provides latest jewelry designs made of finest metals that are totally nickel free. Organic body jewelry is also available.

The Chain Gang, is an online body piercing jewelry store (, specializing in body piercing jewelry. Unique designs and finest quality body piercing jewelry is offered at excellent discounts, along with efficient customer service. All products available at The Chain Gang have been manufactured by licensed body piercers and Jewelers and handcrafted using superior quality material such as 14K nickel free Gold, nickel free White Gold, 316 LVM Surgical Steel and Grade - 23 Titanium.

The article, '10 Dumb Body Piercing Questions to ask your body piercer, basically is a medium to reach more people through humor yet still inform them about the nuances of body piercings. It would make people aware about the right kind of questions that should be asked to a professional body piercer. According to Mr. S, Johnson, President of Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang, "In order to obtain accurate and correct information about body piercing, the procedures involved or aftercare, it is imperative that the person asks questions that are relevant and intelligent. Also, it is important to have all your doubts cleared before you actually sit down for the piercing".

"Our article is an interesting write-up, which can offer the users a refreshing read amidst the onslaught of technical knowledge and conventional informative articles", quipped Mr. S. Johnson.

The article, '10 Dumb Body Piercing Questions to ask a body piercer' highlights the excessively insignificant questions and in no ways undermines the practice of asking questions. The emphasis is on the standpoint of the professional body piercer, who has to perform a medical task, which requires a lot of concentration and focus. The procedure involved in body piercing cannot be dealt with trivially and any attempt on the part of the person getting a pierce, may result in some inconveniences to the piercer.

Following is an excerpt from the article, If piercing is painful for the person getting a piercing, then what is it that pains the Professional Piercer? No points for guessing, it is obviously Dumb Questions that people ask before, during and after the procedure of body piercing. Asking questions is a very good habit and should be encouraged in order to get proper information, especially about the aftercare. However, asking dumb questions is kind of well dumb, and more than you actually learning something useful, it can really just piss off the piercer in whose hands lies your 'flesh' to be pierced. So be very careful as to what sort of questions you pose to your body piercer.

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