What is Body Piercing

Body Piercing is a form of Body Art that uses jewelry to decorate the body, but not just any Jewelry it has to be made for Body Piercings, using specific metals. Body Piercings can be put on most any part of the body. The Navel, Eyebrow, and Tongue are the most popular, but there are many many more places then just those, that we pierce.

The Initial Body Piercing

The initial body piercing is done without any numbing agent. Some will use a topically numbing agent like a gel such as Hurricane, but it is really not necessary. Then a hollow needle will be inserted into the body part being pierced and the jewelry is inserted behind the needle and the needle removed.

The Ear Piercing Gun

NEVER let anyone use a piercing gun on you unless they are doing a regular ear piercing on the lobe portion of your ear, and even then it is still not the best way, just the most common. The Ear piercing gun can not be sterilized, so although the earrings are sterile packed, once you put them in the gun, they are no longer sterile. Also the gun does not make a tunnel for the jewelry the way that the hollow needle does, it just rams a piece of metal through your ear at a high rate of speed. Yeah that sounds like a good safe medical procedure to me. As for these morons that do body piercings with the ear piercing guns how do you gauge up ti a larger gauge? (A Smith and Wesson Rifle?). If you want to get a body piercing done, then please do it right and hire a Professional Piercer to do the piercing and insert your initial jewelry properly.

The Risk with Body Piercings

The risk of body piercing should be minimal if done properly and at a sterile facility. Infection is the most common problem with body piercing. Always wash your hands before touching your piercing or your piercing jewelry, as this can cause infection very very easily. Always make sure that the piercer you choose is using new or autoclaved instruments on both you and the jewelry. If you see blood that is not from you RUN. Blood-borne diseases that can be attained are Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Tetanus, Tuberculosis and HIV. So do not take this lightly.

Be Safe from Yourself

You can also have problems all on your own just by the jewelry that you choose. If you have problems with cheap earrings in your ears, Don't even try cheap Body Jewelry the same thing will happen to you on your piercing. If you have metal allergies at all, then Titanium and 14k Gold Nickel Free Jewelry is the way to go. As Titanium has no alloys and will not cause a reaction.

Take Responsibility for your Piercing

And lastly listen to your piercer, if he tells you to clean the piercing twice a day do it. They have the training and do this all day long and know what they are talking about. At least if you took the time to choose a professional as you should. If you a weary of the person doing the piercing do not risk it, go some where else. There are a lot of piercers in the industry so don't settle for just anyone unless your really happy with them. It is your body not theirs and it your responsibility to take of it. Many people say "well I figured he knew what he was doing" well the fact is that YOU need to know what He or She is doing. If you don't care enough to take care of your body, why should someone else.

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