The Ins and Outs of Body Piercings


Body piercing crosses all social lines with many individuals using various piercings for all kinds of reasons and especially to adorn or enhance their body. Ear piercings and nose peircings have been around since ancient times in many different countries. Some piercings were used to show status, sexual preferences, and to increase sexual pleasures.


The various types of body piercing you can find today include


Navel pirceing or belly button piercing is a popular way to draw attention to the waistline of a woman. The unique designs of the naval rings or other pircing jewlry are a great way for a woman to express herself.


Nose or nostril percing has been around for centuries from small stones to large rings. Today, you will find many Hollywood stars sporting a nose piercing jewlry such as Madonna and Lenny Kravitz.


Nipple pircing jewelry has also been around for many years in different countries; however, today it is prominent in the US and the UK. Many state that niple percings enhance sexual stimulation and desire.


Ear piericing of course, is popular today for both men and women. At one time, only women were pirced earrings, but today many men also wear earrings all over the ears.


Labret pircing or facial lip piercing is very popular today. In most cases, labet pirceings is the piercing that is found on the  bottom lip.


Eyebrow peircing is another way that many celebs as well as teenagers are showing their own unique personality. The eyebow provides a great way to use a variety of piecing jewelry.


Tongue pircing is very popular and is often considered to be sensual and will enhance sexual stimulation. Celebrities such as Janet Jackson have a tonue pircing.


Penis piercing may not be a piercing that you hear about every day, but many men state that this type of pircing heightens sexual pleasure for both men and women. The pinis piercings can be through the head or the scrotum.


Clitoris piricing is a new pircing method that is becoming popular across the world. The hood or the outer labia can be pirced.


Materials used for body jewelry


Throughout history, you will find that many different materials have been used to create body jewelry including wood, bones, and metal to name a few. Today, there are still many different types of materials used to create unique and beautiful body jewelry. The materials you will find today include semi-precious stones, steel, bronze, silver, titanium, gold, diamonds and more.


Care for body piercings


The most important thing about body piercings is that the pircing is cared for properly to ensure the pricing heals properly as well as infection does not occur. You should always talk with the professional that did your piercings so you will know how to care for your piericings correctly. NO matter what type of body piercings you may want, you should learn the proper jewlery as well as the size that you need. If you do not follow the directions and care for your pirecings properly, you can have all kinds of problems.