The history of belly button jewelry

Belly Button jewelry has been around for centuries and can be dated back to the times of the Aztec Indians. Originally, within these tribes, including the ancient Egyptians, belly rings or belly button jewelry was not just a fashion statement. These body piercings, no matter where they were located on the body, stood for their status in society, their bravery during battles, and many were deemed to represent connections with various Gods. Royal Egyptians were the first to adorn their belly buttons with belly button jewelry. As society changed, so did the perception that the piercing of any body parts, excluding the earlobes, was for women alone.

In 1940's, Hollywood producers came up with a bright idea that would make the 'bare navel' popular on the big screen. They used a jewel to cover the belly button so actresses could bare just a bit more skin in a few scenes. There were many movies during the 1940’s that depicted belly dancers adorning beautiful belly rings and other belly jewelry. From these unique movies, everyone began to believe that wearing belly button jewelry was part of the Middle Eastern culture. However, it was just the ingenious idea of some Hollywood producers allowing an actress the chance to show off her belly button.

In the 1980s the punk scene was in full force and the younger generation began piercing several parts of their bodies - men and women alike. Not only were there more body piercings, but belly button rings were seen even more.

Today, not only actresses are wearing belly rings but belly jewelry is famous among both genders and all generations. Among the Hollywood stars that love their belly button jewelry are supermodel Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Cher and Christina Aquilera, to name just a few.

Belly Button Jewelry Pieces“ The reason behind the popularity

Belly jewelry is very popular for many reasons today; however, the main reason is the sexy look. Belly button rings or belly jewelry calls attention to the planes of the belly and the soft curve of the waist, which can be very alluring.

Belly rings are great for when you wish to bare your belly just a bit but hide the looks of your belly button as well. Not everyone has a gorgeous belly button, but with a beautiful gem or other belly button jewelry, your belly button becomes a beacon of beauty and style. Wearing belly rings give you the chance to wear bare mid-rifts, crop tops, low rider jeans, hip hugging jeans, and look better than ever.

Belly Jewelry a fashion statement

Once all body jewelry was considered to be only worn by savages. Today, it is a fashion statement that gives each person the chance to express their own sexuality.

There is an array of belly button jewelry styles to choose from that can fit any personality from teens to older women in all walks of life. The various styles of belly rings include tribal, chic, stylish, or trendy, alternative, custom, dangling, decorative, designer, gothic, jeweled, and spiritual giving each woman a way to express themselves on different occasions.

Styles and Shapes of belly button jewelry

There are many different styles of belly rings available that can enhance the shape of your own curves. Belly rings are available in styles such as barbells, bead Rings, drops, hearts, spirals, studs, bent barbells, teddy bears, flowery designs, and many more.

Many women today prefer their own birthstone or gem in their belly rings for their own unique style. The various gems used for belly button jewelry include the amethyst, aquamarine, blue sapphire, blue topaz, cubic zirconia, diamond, emerald, garnet, opal, pearl, peridot, pink sapphire, ruby and yellow topaz. Each one of these personal birthstones can be worn as in belly ring jewelry whether you were born during the corresponding month or not.

Belly buttons rings are created from different materials as well to give you more options such as white gold, 14k solid gold, platinum, surgical grade stainless, and titanium. Gold is the second most popular choice as a material for belly button rings after Surgical Steel. Most professional piercers opt for Surgical Steel for the initial belly button piercing due to its low cost and still being a metal with low rejection counts.

The choice is now yours. You can join in with the most popular jewelry trend that has been around for centuries and express your own unique personality or you can just watch as everyone else enjoys the glamour and appeal that belly button jewelry brings.

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