Male Genital Piercings and Male Body Jewelry

Male Genital JewelryPierced penis was considered to be a symbol of moving from childhood to adulthood. Today reasons like adornment of body parts and heightening sexual pleasures with various body piercings keep penis piercing popular among men.

Procedure for penis piercing/ cock piercing/ dick piercings:

First, the area is cleaned and then a needle is used for penis piercing.

The piercing should not be straight through the shaft of the penis but can be through the foreskin to avoid any damage. There are different penis piercing styles available:

1. Dydoe piercing

This kind of penis piercing depends on the anatomy as the glans needs to be large enough for the jewelry. Dydoe penis piercing is preferred by circumcised males. This type of penis piercing can be done multiple times since it goes through the ridge of the glans. Dydoe is known to enhance sexual stimulation that may be lost due to circumcision.

Type of penis piercing jewelry: Curved barbells
Dydoe piercing Healing time: 4 to 6 months

2. Ampallang

This kind of penis piercing is a horizontal piercing done through the head of the penis. Ampallang penis piercing is not popular since it is very painful and takes a long time to heal. This kind of cock piercing is said to enhance sexual pleasure of women.

Type of penis piercing jewelry: Straight barbells or Circular Barbells are popular penis jewelry items.
Ampallang piercing Healing time: 6 to 12 months

3. Apadravya

This kind of male genital piercings is similar to Ampallang but is a vertical piercing. This kind of penis piercing is erotic, both visually and physically. It has a less healing time than Ampallang. Apadravya penis piercing dates back to ancient times and has been mentioned in the Kamasutra as well.

Type of penis piercing jewelry: Straight barbells
Apadravya Healing time: 6 to 12 months

4. Guiche

This kind of male genital piercing is not common as it is very complicated and very difficult to heal. It requires a horizontal piercing between the scrotum and the anus. The piercing either runs perpendicular to the penis or is placed laterally. Multiple guiche piercings can be done creating a guiche ladder. It is also called perineum because of its location. Perspiration, sitting activity and lack of ventilation elongates the healing time for this kind of penis piercing.

Type of penis piercing jewelry: Captive bead rings or barbells. Flesh tunnels can also be worn and guiche weights can be attached for enhanced sexual stimulation.

Guiche Healing time: 4 to 6 months

5. Hafada

Male Genital JewelryThis kind of male genital piercing is also called scrotum piercing. Hafada piercing is less painful and can be located anywhere on the scrotum. The healing process may take time because of lack of ventilation. Shaving can help in quickening the healing process.

Type of penis piercing Jewelry: Captive bead rings, Curved barbells and Straight barbells
Hafada Healing time: 2 to 4 months

6. Prince Albert

It is the most popular and less complicated of male genital piercings. It has a very quick healing time (even urination aids in the process). The penis is pierced from the outside of the frenulum and into the urethra. It is proven to be a more sexually appealing penis piercing.

Type of penis piercing Jewelry: Captive bead rings, Circular Barbells, Curved barbells and Princes Wand
Prince Albert Healing time: 2 to 4 months

7. Foreskin Piercing

In the earlier times foreskin piercing was used to impose chastity for slaves, but now it is used for sexual enhancement. It doesn't have too many complications involved and is an equivalent of clitoral hood piercing. This kind of penis piercing can be single or multiple. It can be done on an uncircumcised male only.

Type of penis piercing Jewelry: Captive bead rings or Circular Barbells
Foreskin Piercing Healing time: 2 to 4 months

8. Pubic Piercing

It is similar to Christina piercing of female genital piercings. Men usually get this kind of piercing done as it can provide stimulation to female clitoris during sexual intercourse.

9. Frenum Piercing

This is a very popular form of penis piercings amongst men as it is less complicated and has quick healing time. It is supposed to be providing sexual pleasure to both the person who gets it done and the person with whom he has sexual intercourse with.

Frenum penis piercing is of 2 types:

Lorum piercing
Frenum Ladder

Type of penis piercing jewelry: Cock rings, Straight barbells, Curved barbells or Captive bead rings
Frenum Piercing Healing Time: 2 to 4 months

Some Do's and don't's for penis piercing:

You should get your piercing done only through a professional so that they can recommend the proper type and size of penis jewelry suitable for your pierced penis.

After-care tips for your penis piercing:

  • Avoid Sexual intercourse during the healing time
  • Do not use any alcohol based creams on the piercing
  • Keep the area clean
  • The penis jewelry should not be removed during the healing time
  • Do not touch your pierced penis
  • After effects

    Male Genital JewelryMale genital piercing will cause pain for sure as it is a very sensitive area of the body. There are certain other affects of penis piercing as well, like:

    This is the first thing that occurs after a penis piercing.

    Very small amount of bleeding takes place right after your cock piercing. In case, there’s more then a small amount, please inform your doctor.

    Penis piercing might result in some urinary infections as well. So, please be very careful while choosing the place you get your piercing done, and the quality of your penis jewelry. Diabetic people have a high risk of infection, thus, consult your doctor before getting it done.

    Allergic reaction to piercing jewelry:
    Some people who might be allergic to a particular type of material of which your penis jewelry is made of, might develop a rash around the same area

    If after sometime you do not want penis piercing, it will still leave a scar behind

    Penis Jewelry- cock rings, barbell, etc.

    Various kinds of penis jewelry pieces are increasingly being used by men for sensual pleasures as well as for adorning the body parts. Different materials and designs can be used for the attractive look. Also, it is used to arouse the partner and is of great sexual assistance.

    Cock rings are increasingly being used by men as it helps men in elongating erection by restricting blood flow. The erections caused by using a cock ring are hard and intense. Also cock ring can help during sexual intercourse to stimulate the female clitoris or anus. There are many other kinds of cock rings available as well like:

    Leather/ Nylon cock rings:
    They suit first-time users as they are easily adjustable and removable

    O-ring-style cock rings:
    These kind of cock rings can be made of rubber or aluminum. They too are suitable for beginners and are an inexpensive style of cock rings.

    Vibrating cock rings:
    These kind of cock rings have a vibrator attached. They also provide an extra stimulation to the penis or the testicles.

    Other fancy cock rings:
    Some of the experienced users can try different kinds of cock rings. For example, triple cock ring, this is a cock ring that has extra rings along with it which aids in intensifying the orgasms. Some cock rings have weights attached to them.

    Cock rings with multiple straps and testicle separators are also available at many penis jewelry stores.


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