The record for the most Body Piercings in one session is 90. This was done in New Zealand. He received 15 genital piercing, 3 bars in the bridge of his nose, 15 rings in each of his of his forearms as well as in his ears and chin. These we all done in about 15 minutes. The man that holds this record is Quille DeSade, and was done in September 19, 1999.
The person with the most Body Piercing in the Guinness Book Of World Records is Elanie Davidson. She has 192 Body Piercing on her face including ears, forehead, eyebrows, chin, nose, and tongue. She has 56 on her stomach, breast, and hands. She also 214 in her genital area. She says that she has no problems walking through airport security unless she wears her watch.
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