Then they insert jewelry called flesh ear gauges or some may know it as a spacer. These are hollow and are much lighter in weight plus you can see thru them. Many add a ball or some other type to the hole. They are made of many different types of materials from steel to plastic and some even wear bone.
Gauge up has been done with many tribes if you look through history. Some have stretching’s up to 2 inches. This is where they use almost half-inch gauges. Then they go up in up gauges every time the stretch. You will see the ears have huge holes as well as the lips. If you’re going to do this type of stretching you must be careful and know the area is ready otherwise you will cause damage to the fistula. If it isn’t ready then you will tear it. You must wait at least a month before you stretch to the next size so it heals completely. You must remember that stretching is permanent and even if you stretch just a tiny bit, it will stay that way. are 110-120mm and they believe he has clay plates for ear gauges plugs!