If you have ever watched any of the older movies, you probably realize that women had a very hard time expressing their own unique personality due to the fact that women had to wear apparel that was not very flattering. This went as far as belly dancers not being able to show their naval in movie productions. What would a belly dance be if you could not see the naval? There is not much to a belly dance if you do not see just a tad of skin in the midriff area. Thus, Hollywood producers came up with an awesome idea. A beautiful jewel was placed on the naval, this way they belly dancers could show off a bit of flesh without flashing their belly button.
Now, here we are today. We need to thank the Hollywood producers of the 1940’s for coming up with such an ingenious way for us as women to adorn our belly buttons. We can now show off our pierced naval with beautiful hand crafted naval jewelry all of all kinds.
When you are ready to take that step and adorn your bare midriff with belly button jewelry you will of course need to have your naval pierced. Remember, piercing is a wound of sorts and you will need to ensure that you do not get an infection. You should of course, have your piercing done only by qualified and Professional Piercers. It is not wise to allow a friend to pierce your belly button. If the person doing the piercing does not know exactly what they are doing you may wind up with all kinds of problems from infection to body poisoning to nerve damage. Never let an amateur come toward you with piercing tools!
Another thing you need to know is the type of materials that are best for your belly button jewelry. When it comes to belly button rings, the only types you should use are 14K Gold or better, Surgical Steel, Niobium, Titanium, Rhodium, and a few more. Stay away from imitation gold, silver plated, and sterling silver. All three of these materials can cause irritation, which may cause an infection. Coated materials are also a no-no as the material can break off and lead to problems. Any material that can corrode or tarnish may cause an allergic reaction. If you happen to be a sensitive to metals, do not worry you can still wear a naval jewelry, just seek out belly button jewelry created from Tygon, Acrylic, or Glass .
Once you have your pierced naval, it will take a some time to heal. Once the piercing is totally healed you will be able to replace the starter piece with your choice of belly button rings or curved barbells.
Since belly button jewelry is more fashionable for women, another word of precaution. If you decide to have a baby, you can wear your naval jewelry until around the fifth month of pregnancy or until your belly begins to stretch a lot. Then you will have to switch over to pieces such as the body jewelry specifically for pregnancy.
Look for quality naval jewelry instead of the cheap imitations. You now have a beautiful way in which to show off your belly button and you do not want to risk infection with cheap naval jewelry.

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