Prince Albert PiercingA common male genital piercing is the Prince Albert also known as PA. The way in which the penis is pierced is from the outside of the frenulum and into the urethra. However, for the pierced penis of an uncircumcised male it may be off to one side of the frenulum’s ridge, which is behind the glans, instead of through the center. The reverse Prince Albert is when the piercing enters the urethra and through a hole in the top of the glans. In most cases, Prince Albert jewelry consists of the circular barbell, curved barbell, captive bead ring, and Prince’s Wand.

If you are considering a pierced penis then you should do your homework and learn the risks that are involved. The penis is highly vascular which means the area does bleed when pierced. The bleeding is common for the first 2 to 3 days. Sensitivity and healing will take up to 4 weeks in most cases.

The main problem with frenum piercing is that some men have found they have a tendency of dribbling and must sit in order to urinate. This is not caused from the piercing itself but due to the fact that the urine runs along the surface of the Prince Albert jewelry by surface tension. Other reasons can be from a penis ring that is too narrow or if no penis ring is worn at all. Some types of jewelry can also be the cause due to the style and or sizes of the penis jewelry. If this is a problem, it is easily remedied by twisting the penis so the pierced hole is above the flow of gravity or by holding a finger against the hole, which will seal it off so the urine will not be able to run down the jewelry, or best is to just sit when you urinate. Prince Albert jewelry may rub the area at the base of the foreskin, which cause a small amount of discomfort.

For the Prince Albert Piercing, cleaning daily is very important. The best solution other than mild soap and water is sea salt and water. The main thing to remember is to keep the area clean and dry. Uncircumcised males will need to watch more carefully as the foreskin has a tendency to hold in moisture.

When it comes to the piercing it is most often done at 10 gauge or even a bit larger, which often stretches very fast by itself. In the majority of cases, men and women both believe the ideal size for the best sensations are 8 ga to 2 ga. A few women have complained of a bit of discomfort but more have noted it enhances the sexual pleasure of both partners.

Prince Albert PiercingAs for Prince Albert jewelry, the most popular is the curved barbell with uneven ball weight size. Penis jewelry that is heavy or has a large gauge may cause thinning of the tissue between the healed fistula and the urethral opening, on the other hand, very thin jewelry can cause tearing. Therefore, it is best to wear the appropriate penis jewelry to ensure satisfaction during sexual encounters and for your own protection.

The curved barbell seen in Prince Albert jewelry is normally around 3/8 inch or a bit longer with one ball weight situated on the lower side of the penis and the other ball weight at the urethral opening.

At your initial penis piercing, you will wear a captive bead ring in 10 gauge and 5/8” to ¾” in diameter. Remember if you wear a penis ring that is too small it may tear the urethra when the penis is erect.

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