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Nose Piercings – One of the Most Attractive Body Pircings

Body pircings have always been popular but have recently achieved huge mainstream popularity thanks to all the stars sporting them. People pierce all body parts, the most popular being ears, nose, navel and eyebrows. We all know that nose is the second most common place for a piercing, after ears. So that means that a nose pierce doesn't have as much appeal as a belly piercing. Right? Wrong! No matter how common it gets, a nose pierce will always be attractive and much sought after.

If a nose pierce wasn't impressive, would Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Sinead O'Connor and Slash from Guns & Roses be proudly sporting one? Definitely not. Here is a peak into the nose pierce world and a look at the nose piercing jewelery available nowadays.

Nose piercing is very attractive and can accentuate the face, because the nose is the face's most prominent feature. Leonardo Da Vinci believed that the nose set the character of the whole face and the Egyptians considered it a mark of royalty. The nose can be pierced with either a stud or a ring. There is a definite spot on the nose for a stud, but a ring can be placed in various spots. It is recommended that the piercing be done with a ring as it facilitates movement.

The jewlery for nose piercings must be hypo-allergenic i.e., it should have no adverse affects on the body, so the only metals you should trust are Niobium, Titanium, 18ct White and Yellow Gold and Platinum. Silver should never be worn in the nose during healing, because it oxidizes inside the wound and can cause allergic reactions, lumps and can leave a permanent black mark on your nose.

Once the piercing is healed you can change the jewelery as easily as changing an earring. For nose piercing jewlery, you have the options of gold and colored niobium rings and studs, studs set with gemstones, or studs with tiny shapes i.e moons, dolphins, hearts, etc.

Nose retainers

If you want a nose pierce but are worried about how your parents or teachers or people in general might react, there is a simple solution – a nose retainer! Trying to hide it by taking it in and out just leads to delayed healing and infections, so nose piercing retainers serve the purpose well.

Nose retainers are generally made of clear Lucite and are, thus, completely transparent. They simply replace your existing nose stud or nose piercing jewelery. A nose retainer is generally a straight stem featuring one small ball and one small cone at each end. Nose retainers work exceptionally well for most, especially if makeup is used on the clear disk to blend it in even further with your skin tone.

Some nose pierce aftercare information

  • Clean the piercing every day.
  • Don't remove or fiddle with the stud/ring until the piercing has fully healed.
  • Use Lavender oil as it promotes healing and lubricates the wound reducing tenderness.
  • Don't remove the jewelery from the piercing for more than 1 day for the first 6 months, or it will close up.
  • Regularly remove any crusting from the inside of the stud/ring by cleaning it with a cotton-wool bud soaked in salt water.

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