ALL of our 14K Gold Body Jewelry is available with Genuine Diamonds or any other Genuine Stone that you may want, such as Sapphires and Rubies for example. Not just the few we list here; Genuine Gem Body Jewelry Page

How to Get Genuine Gems
To get any of our 14K Gold body jewelry with Diamonds or any other Genuine Stones, just first pick out the 14K Gold piece that you would like, and then let us know using this Free Price Quote Page, and we will get you a free price quote so that you can decide. Simple as that.

Go Here For; Rings that you can choose from.

Go Here For; Curved Barbells that you can choose from.

Go Here For; Straight Barbells that you can choose from.

And so on for any of our other 14k Gold body jewelry, such as the Nostril Screws or Labrets. Then just tell us what gems you would like set in the piece using this page Free Price Quote Page, and we will get you a free price quote.

Available Gems and Grades
We can provide you with virtually any type or quality of genuine stone that you would like. We set Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Garnet, Amethyst, Peridot, Topaz, Aquamarine, Pink Sapphire, Opals, Pearls, and many more but you get the idea.

As for Diamond body jewelry, the standard Diamond that we use in our body jewelry pieces is a SI I-J, (usually an SI2 H) however we can do virtually any quality you might prefer. We never sell Diamonds with Black spots as we feel that shows as a very poor quality stone, even though the grade may be higher then one without that imperfection. That is just not the quality that we want to provide at The Chain Gang. We do not even offer what is commonly known as department store grade. The lowest that we will usually be agreeable to doing would be high end department store grade such as Macys / Burlingtons, however we prefer not to even do that. This same set of standards to quality holds true for all of our genuine stones.

Save Money on Better Stones
Usually by going with our standard grade of stone you will get a better stone and a better deal, because although they are hand picked by our Master Gemologist we do purchase those hundreds at a time which yields a lower cost to you.

Our Diamonds and all of our genuine stones are all hand set by certified Gemologists Jewelers.

Setting Your Stones in our Body Jewelry
We do not set anyone elses stones though sorry.
Due to the fact that the stone would have to arrive and be delivered through the mail, we have chosen to not risk the liability involved with that. We just never want a single one of our customers to be unhappy with us ever.

However for those of you that do have your own stones already that would like them set into a piece of body jewelry. We will be glad to make you any of our 14K Gold Body Jewelry pieces with an empty setting so that you can take it to your local Jeweler to set your stone. We will do that for you for no extra charge at all, just ask when you place your order.

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