Barbell jewelry is one way in which people can and do express themselves. Wearing a variety of piercings on the face, such as the nose, lip, and tongue is another way to stand out among your peers or to adorn yourself with beautiful barbell jewelry.
Female body jewelry has come a long way since the purity days and today girls and women can express their own unique personality with barbell jewelry, labret studs, nose studs, and septum jewelry. However, before you rush out and begin piercing just for the sake of piercing, be sure you know the various types of piercings available along with the best body jewelry. Poor quality jewelry can and does cause all kinds of problems including infections.
Let’s look at barbell jewelry. Barbell jewelry and Industrial Barbells are created with a straight bar that has a ball on each end which resembles the barbells seen in weightlifting. However, there are different types of barbell jewelry that can be worn. The most common types include internally threaded barbells, externally threaded barbells, straight barbells, curved barbells, surface bars, labret stud, and circular barbells.
Straight barbells are mainly used for tongue and nipple piercings. Curved barbells are used for naval piercings. Surface bars are used just as their name implies on the surface where the bar can be in placed in the same direction similar to a staple. Labret studs are most commonly seen in cheek piercings and lip piercings. Circular barbells are used for various locations such as nose jewelry, nasal septum jewelry, earrings, tragus rings, clitoral hood piercings, and Madison’s.
In order to find the best quality jewelry for any of your body piercings you need to investigate the material, which is used, the sturdiness, and of course the weight. There are many different grades of metal that you need to investigate, or ask us about.
Internally threaded or externally threaded barbells?
The choice is of course up to you as to which you prefer. Threads on barbell jewelry are a spiral ridge that winds along the metal just like you see on the inside of a nut and the outer part of a bolt. When you are talking about externally threaded body jewelry the thread is on the end of the barbell, which is put inside the hole in the threaded ball. These threads will pass through your piercing as you put the barbell in place. Internally threaded barbells have a threaded hole found inside the barbell and an external thread that protrudes from the ball. The smooth portion of the barbell passes through your piercing then the ball is placed into the hole to attach.
Female body jewelry such as barbell jewelry, nose stud, labret studs, industrial barbells, and septum jewelry all are created with internal or external threads. The internally threaded barbells may be a bit more expensive; on the other hand, an infection will cost more if you have to visit the doctor. Paying a tad more in the beginning is your best bet for having female body piercings that will compliment your features and express your own unique identity instead of having the threat of a oozing and infected piercing.

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