A Guide to Body Piercing

Today, many people are making personal statements with body piercing. This is not a new thing like many parents may believe. Body pircing has been around for centuries and can be seen in various history books depicting Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. Throughout history, piercing has been a way for individuals to show their importance or to even protect them from evil by their beliefs.

People of all ages have various body pircing and enjoy wearing body jewelry. However, before you rush out to get your first body pircing and try all those beautiful piercing jewelry pieces you should learn a bit about pircing.

A few risks are involved when it comes to body piercing. The most common include bleeding, allergic reactions, infections, damage to nerves, and damage to teeth. Infections often seen with pircing can be caused from bacteria, HIV, and hepatitis. You should never pierce your own body or let a friend. Pircing should always be done by a professional that keeps their hands clean, wears gloves, and keeps the area sterile along with all piercing equipment.

Things to take into consideration before getting your body pierced so you can wear all the various types of piercing jewelry.

If the body pircing equipment has not been properly sterilized serious infections can be passed from one person to another including HIV, not only this, but if you share your body jewelry with your friends you may also be spreading various infections if you do not sterilize the piercing jewelry.

Remember, a piercing gun cannot be sterilized. If you plan to have any type of body pircing done and you notice the professional so to speak is using a gun, look some place else.

Infection often can and does occur after you leave the body pircing studio. You need to ensure that you keep the piercing area clean. Bacteria which causes infection can find its way into the puncture.

Wearing the wrong type of body jewelry for the area that you have pierced can also cause all kinds of problems. Each piece of body jewelry was created to be used for exact type of body pircing they specify. Piercing jewelry that is too small can cut off the blood supply which can make the area around the body jewelry swell and hurt. If you have an allergic reaction, your body can try to reject the item that you wish to wear.

As long as you are aware of the risks before you choose to have your body pierced you should be fine. Making your own personal fashion statement with body jewelry is a great way to shine. Just do your homework before choosing where to get pierced, and pay attention to potential risks such as infection, excessive bleeding, allergic reactions, etc…

You should also realize that the healing time is different for the various parts of your body. The common healing time for body pircings includes for ear lobes 6 to 8 weeks, eyebrow 6 to 8 weeks, nasal bridge 8 to 10 weeks, tongue around 4 weeks, female genitalia 4 to 10 weeks, lip 2 t0 3 months, nostril 2 to 4 months, nipple 3 to 6 months, ear cartilage 4 months to 1 year, male genitalia 4 weeks to 6 months, and nasal septum 6 to 8 months.

The best tips for body pircing and body jewelry is to be sure you have your piercings done by a professional with sterile equipment and then ensure you wear the proper body jewelry for your unique piercings, and take care of them the way you are instructed by the professional.

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