Annex Erection Enhancer

Let the Annex Erection Enhancer help provide you and your lover with hours and hours of pleasure as it increases the duration of your sexual playtime so that you both achieve that climactic release you crave!
Let the Annex Erection Enhancer enhance your overall sexual experience by keeping things snug and secure to increase the stamina of your erection! This beauty is made of a thick yet flexible TPR material so that it stretches to fit while maintaining the tightness you require for best results. This baby includes all the typical benefits as well as an intriguing extra, it has T-Style divider that goes over your testicles to provide a bit of separation. So simply insert the Penis through the main opening, and insert the Testicles through the divider compartment and you are ready. The Annex Erection Enhancer is here and ready to increase your sexual stamina as well as pleasure as it keeps you going and going and going!
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