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Anal Links

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Anal Links

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Special Price $34.49 was $45.99
  • Materials: TPE (Non-Toxic and is Biodegradeable)
  • Common Uses: Anal Excitement
  • Dimensions:
    • Large: 1-15/16" widest diameter, Length - 12-1/4" Overall, 9-1/4" insertable
    • X-Large: 2-1/14" widest diameter, Length - 15-1/2" Overall, 12-3/4" insertable

Fulfill your anal desires by filling that ass up completely with Anal Links this baby has both length and width going on to completely satisfy all your anal fetishes!

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Special Price $34.49 was $45.99
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If you are ready to experience the next level of anal stimulation the Anal Links are ready to take you there, if you can handle all that pleasure that comes with it.

This baby is made of a flexible TPE material that allows it to move with your body, and it is also smooth to allow easy insertion.

It comes in 2 sizes both of which consist of 5 large cone-shaped beads linked end to end and a heavy-duty pull ring that allows complete control while in your ass and assists in removal.

If you are brave enough to accept the challenge of the Anal Links they will not disappoint and don't worry you don't have to take it all in at once you can work your way up to that!

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