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Albert Penis Plug


Quick Overview

The Albert Penis Plug is a unique sex toy made for intense pleasure. This powerful penis plug comes with a huge ball one the end that will make the experience even more intense. It will add some weight to the piece for additional pleasure. This is a must-have toy for all fans of urethral stimulation.

Albert Penis Plug

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The Albert Penis Plus is a powerful sex toy made for intense sensations. It comes with a huge, ¾” ball on one end, so it adds weight to make the experience even more pleasurable. The ball will also prevent the plug from disappearing, so you don’t have to worry about getting it slipped inside.

The plug is hollow so it allows all fluids to flow freely.

This amazing penis plug is made of 316L Surgical Steel so it’s medical-grade, safe and durable.


  • Total Overall Length:
    Small - 2-7/8 inch
  • Large - 6-1/2 inch
    Heavy Duty - 5 inch
  • Insertable Length:
    Small - 2 inch
  • Large - 5-3/4 inch
    Heavy Duty - 4 inch
  • External Diameter:
    Small - 5mms to a maximum 11mms
  • Large - 7mms to a maximum 10mms
    Heavy Duty - 9mms to a maximum 19mms
  • Ball Diameter:
    Small - 19mms
    Large - 20mms
  • Heavy Duty - 25mms

Product Questions

Is the Large cock topper actually 10mm in diameter exactly? What is the true diameter for the large?


Customer Reviews

First Rate Quality...but practicality would have to be 1 out of 5. Review by Jim

That ball is just too big to be fun (even on the small) The weight of it alone pulls it out. I wanted to "up" a size, but no go with customer service.

(Posted on 4/26/18)

Wow this is a great plug Review by xdoug92000

Very pleased with the quality. Easy to put in and remove, just go slow and easy. The second time I used it during sex with my girlfriend it actually popped out when I ejaculated, what an intense sensation, girlfriend loved it

(Posted on 5/20/16)

The est Review by Douglas

Delivered as promised, quality excellent, use good lube for insertion, very comfortable for longer wear. For newbies, work with other sounds first. Have not had sex with it yet, but expect GF will like it. Removal needs slow and steady, but not bad. Only thing I would change is more weight, larger head, my GF suggestions

(Posted on 5/5/16)

Excellent all-around plug. Looks and feels sensational. Review by Promethius

I own and have worn a number of the plugs on this site, this is my favorite so far for extended and overnight wear. I've currently sounded up to a tight 1/2" dia. This plug popped in with minor effort and within an hour I almost forgot I was wearing it.
.. That said, the slightest movement or a walk to the kitchen would evoke the most arousing sensations. I slept light the first night wearing it only because I kept getting aroused. It looks sexy, feels amazing, and its use will likely be deeply appreciated by your partner during sex.
.. Extremely well crafted, the abrupt transition at the neck ensures it will stay in for its ideal weight (I've had the lighter more tapered Spear Plug pop out, at 12mm dia.), but I've found by applying a slow steady pull the Albert plug slips out with little to no discomfort. Patience is a virtue here (getting it both in and especially out).
Highly recommended!

(Posted on 4/24/16)

Fantastic cum thru plug Review by Cyberstrider

This is my first time into urethral play and found this plug easy to insert up to the last half inch. Then I decided to fit my glans ring first then insert the plug until I met resistance, I solved this by stretching a length of sticking plaster over the top of the plug and pressing it onto my glans ring.

After about 30 minutes I felt a slipping feeling and discovered that the plug had slipped all the way in. No doubt by constant pressure from the stretched sticking plaster. Boy, does it feel good, wow, whenever I drive my car I can feel the vibrations through it - fantastic, I get semi hardons all the time.

The large ball at the end now presses well inside my slit of my penis and my glans has swollen to accommodate the plug.

(Posted on 2/14/16)

great Quility Review by Pleasure

would and have ordered other products... happy with products

(Posted on 12/5/15)

"Labor of Love" Review by GDRMR

"As reviewed by others above this Beauty can be a bit of a challenge. IT would be wise to convert all the measurements either into decimal or Metric...preferably both. The metric system is much more accurate and I measure all my products with a digital micrometer as they are not all "Just Exactly" whatever.

I stretched with a sound and installed the device without any trouble. The upper rib is not beveled so that once the item 'snaps in' it is there to stay. I left it in 3 days and the sensation was quite delightful. The large ball pressed against to head of my penis and surprisingly was not uncomfortable. However the straight ledge-like top rim was after a while. Not so that I wanted to take it out, but it suggested that removal would be a bit of a chore....It was.

Even with a lot of lube and even a bit of dental pain cream I was able to remove it with only a Little Blood. The ring beneath the glans at the opening of the urethra is NOT ELASTIC and is attached to very SENSITIVE SKIN. I've been doing this for over 3 years from 8 mm to 11 mm and it has been a journey.

Doing a bit more stretching and will try again soon. No pain, no gain....with caution. A Reverse Taper and a slightly linger tube between the tapered part and the large ball on the top might help. might help the abrupt change from flat to inclined-plane.

However, the description suggests this is not for the beginner and not for the faint of heart. It is less painful than a 'real PA' and I suppose that if I am ever able to get the real thing I will be familiar enough with the discomfort not to become a whimpering sissy when it happens.

It is and was worth the discomfort and I wold wear it every day til I died once I get it a bit more comfortable.

(Posted on 8/5/15)

Got it in Review by precision32

It took some doing but finally got it in. Had to reduce the diameter of the shaft to just a little under 10 mm and polish it. Took a little work but it finally popped into place. I'm sure it will take some doing to remove but I'm going to wait a couple of days until it's a little less tender.

Product is nicely finished, Feels great when in.

(Posted on 4/26/15)

Slight design change please Review by ignatz

I really like the snug fit of this plug. This is the first plug I've had that allowed no blow by when urinating, not a drop. But beware, getting it out can be very painful! The blunt end has next to no taper. I'm sure this helps with the snug fit but there must be a happy medium that allows for some taper but still fits well.

I suppose I'll try and mod it as a previous reviewer mentioned.

(Posted on 12/24/14)

Worth the Effort Review by cunningluvr

I agree with other reviewers that this is not a beginner's plug. 11mm is big. After a lot of attempts I got this to pop in, but did some damage and more on the way out. After a lot of near-daily stretching with it, it finally popped in a little easier last night, but it will still be a chore getting it out so I left it in today. And I love the way it stretches my cock down! I went commando today just to feel the swing and weight of this plug. Peeing through this is a lot of fun too and no blow-by. Still a little sore, and I sort of dread pulling it out, but I can see this being daily wear jewelry with some more practice. It stays put. Have a date Thursday and can't wait to show this. And I'll be ordering the Topper soon - i really like the tug on my cock and want more!

(Posted on 7/30/14)

Not sure how it should end up Review by Herbert

I have no problem sliding it in....just haven't felt the "pop" like I did with the Ribbed Urethral Penis Plug I bought here. Seem there isn't enought space between the 3/4"(19mm) ball and the11mm(27/64) rib. Maybe the 3/4"
ball needs to push farther down into the slit?????

(Posted on 2/21/14)

Great Review by byinrochester

I had to use a sound in order to stretch my urethra enough to accept the prince albert, but so far so good. It is a nice tight fit and there is not any room for the prince albert to slip around. So you do not have that in and out that you usually have with penis insertion devises such as the original penis plug.

(Posted on 2/15/14)

must take perserverance Review by cunningluvr

I've been working with this thing for a few days, and still can't get it to lock in yet. Obviously need some more stretching, but the quality and weight of the piece have motivated me. Can't wait to have that thing in and show it off.

(Posted on 9/22/13)

Awesome purchase! Review by Joshua

Ordered this item a year ago but had to then purchase a dilator set to widen my urethral. A year later and I finally got it fully inserted. Great quality, and design seems to keep it perfectly in place unlike the standard penis plug which likes to slide out.

(Posted on 6/2/13)

AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL Review by rawbtmdad

I bought this item early on in my dick plugging adventures. Never though I would achieve that final "pop" - - -- but one day in the bathtub, there it was . . . stretching my slit like never before !! Jumped up out of the tub and began swinging my cock around knowing it wasn't gonna slip out - in fact I wasn't quite sure how I was gonna get it out. For the time being, I was loving it . . . the weight of the piece in my shaft and the weight of my shaft full of metal and balancing that heavy ball, nestledi in my piss slit for all to see. In retrospect, I probably should not have forced this plug, so early on - - - had a hell of a time getting it out the next day (thought for sure I was gonna ripe open my pisser). Now, with more expierence I wear it proudly and often . . . remembering those early days still gives me wood !!

(Posted on 4/20/13)

Tight, very tight, love it so far. Review by Next adventure

I tried to put it in when I was hard. Pushed until it really hurt then gave up. Got to thinking all the tissue was tight, waited until I was soft and tired again, pushed until it really hurt again, was about to give up then pop and it was in. Left it in for about 10 minutes, felt great but I had to go out with friends. I thought I would never get it out. They were waiting, I really had to pull hard, it hurt more than getting it in.
Next day I was at it again. I was a little sore and it looked sort of swollen but I know it would fit so I pushed hard. Killer pain then pop and it felt great again, left in most of the day as I worked around the yard with big shorts on. Just had my first try at getting it out, I got hard trying and quit it felt good and hurt so much at the same time. I may leave it until tomorrow and try in the morning.

(Posted on 10/27/12)

Untitled Review by Harry D

It slides right in but cannot always get it to lock on, maybe the length of reduced diameter after the half inch part could be increase.overall like the shape and weight.When I get it to lock on, I really enjoy it

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Digger

Very nice item. Well crafted. Love the weight. That last 1/2 inch is a doozy. I haven't been able to get it all the way in. Great item.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Ms Sandy

The order was sent promptly and we look forward to
using it soon. The craftsman ship is good.

Ms Sandy

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Guest

As I am a novice at using any type of sounding equipment. I have not been able to insert it.

I am very impressed with the quality and weight of it. I will keep it until I can fit it.

I was surprised by the size of it. It was bigger than I first thought.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Omar

Is exelente product and good toy

(Posted on 2/29/12)

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