Affiliate Program

Do you want to earn some Extra Money, with No Risk, and Next to No Work?
Joining's Affiliate Program is Free and Easy, and you can do just that.
You never pay us, We Pay You!

How Does It Work?
As an Affiliate, you will be supplied with a special link, and a range of banners that you can place within your site(s) or your emails. When a user clicks on one of our banners linked to, their activity will be tracked by Sharasales software. If that user makes a purchase on our website during their visit or anytime in the next month even, then you will be paid a 15% commission. You do not have to do anything except place the links and banners on your Websites, Myspaces, Facebooks, or in your email. We handle all the customer and all of the processing and shipping of the order. The customer will not even know you are being paid.
You have nothing to lose. It is all free.

You also will get

  • Real-Time Statistics And Reporting!
  • Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see which banners are performing the best.
  • Payout Amount is a generous 15% of every sale you generate!
  • Payout is automatic through Shareasale, no minimums.
  • If the sales generated on your affiliate account reach $10,000 per month, then you will be upgraded to our Super Affiliate Level and earn a 20% commission.
  • Great affiliate support, Shareasale works for you as well as us..
  • you have any questions, please reach out to our affiliate management team who can be reached at;

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