Prince Albert Wand with Door Knocker

The sexy look of the Prince Albert Wand with Door Knocker is only one of the many benefits of wearing this baby, the erotic pleasures it also brings to the table will seal the deal and never leave you disappointed!

The Prince Albert Wand with Door Knocker will make a great addition to your Prince Albert piercing and add in the extra fun of a penis plug all in one piece!

The entire piece is made of 316L Surgical Steel and is built with your pleasure in mind and is available in 3 sizes for the perfect fit. The hollow shaft of all the plugs are 4 inches in length and ribbed with varying diameters according to the size you select 8mms, 10mms, or 12mms.

The plug has a screw in head or cap with a ring on the end, the screw in head is easily removable to allow you to wear the piece at length, you just unscrew the cap and you are good to allow fluids to pass through. And the ring on the end assist in removal and prevent over insertion, while also assisting in helping you to line the piece up correctly for your piercing.

Once the plug is inserted you line the hole up with your piercing and screw in the stem through your piercing, the stem for this piece is 5/16" ( 8mm) in length once screwed in, and is 2 gauge (6mm), and has a ball that attaches the 1 1/4 inch (32mm) Glans Ring/Doorknocker.

Additional size Glans Rings are available. This baby offers so much erotic stimulation that it will soon become the favorite and most used piece in your collection!

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