14K Gold - Segment Ring

14K Gold - Segment Ring is an elegant jewelry piece made for class and functionality. No beads to lose or fumble with, just one tight segment that fit perfectly into the ring, making the ring more secure, durable and obviously better looking.
As low as $131.99

The 14K Gold - Segment Ring is made with a custom segment that fits perfectly into the ring.

These rings are specially designed to improve functionality of piercing rings. Unlike Captive Bead Rings, they don't have a bead to lose, or pinch. These segments fit more tightly so they are more secure.

Segment Rings are also more elegant looking and classy all made of solid 14k gold.

The gold used to make this piece is nickel-free, solid gold so they are safe for those with metal allergies, and are available in either 14k Yellow or 14k White gold.

Please note: All pieces are priced individually. For a pair order 2.

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