The Sprinkler Penis Plug

The Sprinkler Penis Plug is a unique urethral toy that will sure make your partner take a second look. The dome on top works as a sprinkler, so you will have so much fun with it. This is a great penis plug made for all kinky games.

The Sprinkler Penis Plug is a specially designed toy with a working sprinkler head on top. It means you can use it to find new and creative ways to pee and cum.

Available in various diameters so that you get the perfect fit, with a 2 1/2 inch length. Also available in Extra Long 10mms with a almost 6 inch length.

This penis plug is sturdy, elegant and made of medical grade Surgical Steel, so it’s completely body-friendly. The plug has a 3/4" dome on top made into a great sprinkler for all your needs.

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