Stubby Penis Plug and Glans Ring

The Stubby Penis Plug and Glans Ring is a specially designed, short urethral toy made for unique sensations. It has a beautiful design and it will sure satisfy you to the fullest. The glans ring keeps the plug in place and provides additional stimulation during any sexual activity you may want to try with this plug!

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The Stubby Penis Plug and Glans Ring is a short penis plug made for beginners and those who appreciate this type of design. It is a beautiful toy with a flat disc end. The end is very unique, and looks much better than a standard ball.

The plug has several ribs in the shaft made for your pleasure. The plug is hollow so all the fluids can freely pass through.

The shaft of this plug is 6mm in diameter, and the toy is about 1 3/8 inches long. The toy is made of 316L Surgical Steel for your safety and enjoyment.

The standard glans ring inside diameter is 28mm (1 1/8 inch).

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