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Stubby Penis Plug and Glans Ring


Quick Overview

The Stubby Penis Plug and Glans Ring is a specially designed, short urethral toy made for unique sensations. It has a beautiful design and it will sure satisfy you to the fullest. The glans ring keeps the plug in place and provides additional stimulation during any sexual activity you may want to try with this plug!

Stubby Penis Plug and Glans Ring

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The Stubby Penis Plug and Glans Ring is a short penis plug made for beginners and those who appreciate this type of design. It is a beautiful toy with a flat disc end. The end is very unique, and looks much better than a standard ball.

The plug has several ribs in the shaft made for your pleasure. The plug is hollow so all the fluids can freely pass through.

The shaft of this plug is 6mm in diameter, and the toy is about 1 3/8 inches long. The toy is made of 316L Surgical Steel for your safety and enjoyment.

The glans ring keeps the plug in place and provides additional stimulation for you. The ring’s inside diameter is 28mm (1 1/8 inch), but in case you need another size, you may replace it with our 10 gauge Single Bead Ring, which you can find here:

Single Bead Alternative Ring

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Customer Reviews

Better late than never Review by curiousRed

I ordered and received this item about a year and a half ago (along with some other items). At the time I had difficulty getting it on, and concluded that it just wasn't going to work for me. Yesterday I was rummaging through my toy collection and ran across it again. I don't know what prompted me to try it again, but I'm so glad I did. It did take some effort to work the head of my cock through the ring (it's just a bit tight), but with effort the glans ring finally snapped into the proper groove. By aligning the ball on the ring that holds the connection to the plug with the natural indentation on the underside of my cock head, the connection was everything that I had hoped it would be. The flat head of the plug is right at the opening of my urethra, creating an interesting look (and holding it open of course). I wore the plug for hours yesterday, including taking a piss through it a couple of times. I've had it in again today for a couple of hours as I was doing some other play, and was quite pleased to notice that pre-cum juices were dribbling out the open hole of the plug poking out of my urethral opening. All in all, I am (finally) satisfied that this was a great purchase. I just wish I had figured out how to get it in/on before. It's definitely worth the effort.

(Posted on 10/22/17)

Not bad, but too short Review by Andew

Good quality, showed up on time. But the bar from the glands ring is just too short.

(Posted on 8/31/17)

Good quality, feels great. Review by Longdriver

High quality item which is great for beginners. I have now purchased 2 plugs and both were high quality. My only complaint is that I wish some plugs were offered with larger (longer) glans rings. One an erection is achieved my plugs always slip out.

(Posted on 11/5/16)

Needs longer connecting rod Review by Nupalse

The plug itself fits nice but the rod that connects the plug to the keeper ring is way to short. It goes about 3/4 up the gland and I can't get it to sit behind the ridge. Is there a way to sell a longer rod also? Since everything unscrews we can just change out the rod by ourselves if we must.

Sorry no we do not have any other replacements that we can offer you.

(Posted on 7/27/15)

Fun, but measure first Review by Guest

Like some other reviewers, I'm unable to get this plug to fit correctly - I can insert it, but the ring won't go over the glans. From the bottom of the plug to the ring is about 3/4", and that just doesn't fit my anatomy. Rotating the ring down farther just puts the plug at an awkward angle that I can't have inserted.

I'm going to try ordering a larger ring and see if that helps.

As a suggestion to The Chain Gang, I'd like to see detailed measurements and diagrams on their plugs. It would help a lot without having to bug customer service.

Sorry that ring did not work, and thank you for the suggestion, it is something to try to add.

(Posted on 7/21/15)

Superb craftsmanship Review by Darrell

This is my first penis plug and not knowing what diameter I should start with, I decided to go with the "start low, go slow" approach. As it turns out, 6mm is too small for me. With just a dab of Surgilube, it slid completely in with no effort at all. If it weren't for the glans ring, it would easily slide out. The flat end did cover my urethral opening well (I could push it inside though) and I was able to take a piss with no blow by at all.

All in all, It's still a very good plug though. Excellent quality and precision craftsmanship. I could easily have worn this as long as I liked as there was no discomfort at all.

Although the size is too small for me, I do intend to keep and use it just because of the comfort and the pleasant look it gives to my penis.

Great plug overall for beginners.

(Posted on 4/12/15)

Good Quality Appliance Review by Mike

The manufactured quality of the Stubby is good. I have been wearing it for an extended period of time.

(Posted on 8/13/14)

Angle a bit off but nice piece over all. Review by guest

As I said modified the angle a bit easy enough for a better fit for me. Would highly recommend it as a first if you're thinking of trying one for the first time. Quality and craftsmanship are great and the ring and rod come off for solo use if you want? After a few days solo it started to want to slip out so I may look into the larger ring. The standard size does take some work to get fitted and placed correctly, larger ring may help.

(Posted on 4/2/14)

Took a risk , love it Review by Stane

Did not know what to think of a plug. Took a rist.
Love it. Would advise to do the custom gland ring for size. I did not. Would in the future. I think it would make a difference in how the plug fits in any angle onto the shaft.

(Posted on 2/10/14)

Great, but the ring needs to be longer Review by Gaib69

The product as all products from the chain gang is awesome. The stubby is a great fit as far as the gauge and size for the pipe. the ring for the glans hold is also perfect. What isnt perfect is the bar that holds the ring and plug together is to short, so it prevents you from wearing the plug properly as the ring will not slip past the bottom of the head.
If that one problem could be solved I would give this product 10 stars if possible.

(Posted on 9/3/13)

Wonderful first plug Review by Doug

This is my first penis plug. It came recommended and it is comfortable yet makes sure you are always aware of your penis and glans. I wore this with my brand new ball weight (also from ChainGang) to the mall with my sweetie. I wore a condom and am glad because the pre-cum has been a steady stream. I would have had a nice wet spot on my pants.

When my sweetie was happy with her purchases, she had me trying on clothes. The sales lady kept looking at me "down there" and smiling at us both a whole lot.
So, I've got to remember to keep the long shirt on to cover up.

Well crafted product and very discrete shipping. Nicely done!

(Posted on 6/23/13)

Great product.... Review by CS

Wow, I have never had so much fun. Sliding the plug into my cock was a new thrill for me. After a few days of playing with my new toy, I realized I could actually wear it for as long as I wanted. walking into stores with lots of people around with my plug in my cock hole is a thrill like I've never had before. Super fun toy, thanks again..

(Posted on 3/7/13)

Good piece of jewelry Review by Guest

Just received this and used it for the first time. It felt great once I was able to get the head of my penis thru the glens ring. I have left it in for a couple of hours and it's extremely comfortable. Great quality and great service.

(Posted on 6/7/12)

Untitled Review by Guest

The piece of jewlery came as advertised. Beutifly crafted.
My only issue is that i had trouble pulling the head of my penis through the glan ring. Once inserted and the glan ring over the head it was not comfortable to wear. I wasnt sure if the bead was suppose to be on top or underneath the head. I tried to research to see if there was any info on the web. No luck. I eventualy started to bleed out of the tip my penis through the plug. I pulled the plug out of my shaft and dealt with the issue at hand. I then looked at the piece and discovered the distance between the plug and the glan. Maybe i was not wearing the piece properly but i think the plug should be offset from the center of the gland ring so the plug rest closer to the urinary trac at the bottom of the penist. I am thinking of getting a larger glans ring to see if that will correct the problem. Or buy a different piece. Anyone have any suggestions.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

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