Shower Head Penis Screw Plug

Whether you want this plug for all the excitement it adds to urine play or to get your rocks off and cum like never before the Shower Head Penis Screw Plug will please you and all your hidden desires!
The Shower Head Penis Screw Plug will send your senses into overdrive with all of the erotic sensations it will send coursing through your body! Made out of 316L Surgical Steel this toy is built to last. This beauty is hollow to allow bodily fluids to pass through to the to the numerous openings on the head of the plug creating the Shower Head effect when you cum or during urine play. Screw like threading runs up the shaft of the plug leading into smooth oval shaped bump right before the head. The Plugs come in 3 sizes 9mms, 11mms, and 13mms all of which are 3 3/4 inches in total length, 3 inches insertable length, and have a 18mm head. Let this baby fulfill your needs inside and out as it thrust you into the arms of ecstasy and provides an awe inspiring visual once you give into that sweet release!
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