Ribbed Wedge Plug with Glans Ring

The Ribbed Wedge Plug with Glans Ring is made for exquisite urethral stimulation. It is a great urethral toy for beginners, but it can satisfy even the more demanding users. This plug has 3 special humps made for additional stimulation during use. A truly elegant and sensual penis plug that will satisfy you over and over again!

The Ribbed Wedge Plug with Glans Ring is ideal for beginners who wish to try urethral stimulation for the first time, but even more experienced users will love to try it.

This plug is only 1 ¾” long so it’s great for beginners. It includes 3 pleasurable ribs so it provides some intense additional stimulation during use. The plug starts out at 6mm and goes up to 8.7 mm at the largest point.

The plug has a cum through hole so all fluids can pass freely.

This plug comes with a glans ring made for added security and additional stimulation. The glans ring is great because it will keep the plug in place so you can wear it all day long and nobody will know!

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