Ribbed Penis Plug and Glan's Ring

The Ribbed Penis Plug and Glans Ring is a toy made for deep urethral stimulation. This plug is beautifully designed and perfectly crafted so you will love to use it over and over again. It also includes a glans ring made for additional stimulation so it can satisfy you to the fullest!

The Ribbed Penis Plug is a sensual toy made for intense urethral stimulation. It will also help you stay hard for longer by controlling the blood flow to the head of your penis.

The plug is made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel so it’s completely body-friendly. It is available in various diameters so that you get the perfect fit. The toy is about 3 ½ inches long. The shaft is nicely ribbed to provide extra stimulation.

The toy also includes a glans ring. The ring is there to keep the plug in place and also to provide additional stimulation and some extra grip on your penis. This way, you will stay hard for a long time.

The standard glans ring is 1” in diameter.

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