In & Out Princes Wand

In & Out Princes Wand is a premium urethral toy made for intensity. It is a great toy to start your urethral exploration so it’s ideal for beginners who wish to explore new passions.

In & Out Princes Wand is a beautiful urethral toy made for comfort and pleasure. It is relatively small in size so it’s ideal for beginners who wish to try something new.

The toy is made of Surgical Steel, so it’s body-friendly, safe and durable.

This wand is about 3 inches long. It is tapered from 8mm to its widest point to 5mm at the end. This ensures a very smooth, comfortable insertion.

This plug also includes a 1" ring made to hold the toy in place.

You don’t need to be pierced to enjoy this great piece!

Please note: the ring’s diameter is 1", but in case you need something bigger, you may replace it with our 8 gauge Large Captive Replacement Glans Ring.

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