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AndroBath is a premium penis enhancement hydropump. It is specially designed to provide effective results while still being very fun to use. This is a great way to add some girth and increase your size without drugs. The incredibly soft rubber will make you pump with comfort and pleasure. This is a very enjoyable way of penis enhancement in the privacy of your bath or shower, and the best of all: it brings no side effects!


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AndroBath is a popular penis enhancement device made for comfort and pleasure. This is a great way to increase your girth and size without harmful chemicals or side effects and in the comfort of your bath or shower.

This hydropump is 11 inches long, with 2 ½” inches of inside diameter, so it gives you a lot to work with.

Unlike so many other pumps on the market, this one is made for comfort. It includes incredibly soft rubber lining that will offer more pleasure as you pump. It also gives a powerful seal against your skin, much better than what our competitors can offer right now. It gives very effective results with much more comfort than the Bathmate.

AndroBath is very simple to use in the bath or the shower. Pump and watch your size and girth go up! This is a very easy and pleasurable way to get results.

We upgraded the rubber so that it is much softer and you can really pump it to get much more suction and a better seal. This is the ORIGINAL so there is No Plastic Sleeve to have to deal with and fumble with and worry about it being sterile.

This penis pump is the best on the market right now. Just in a few pumps you will feel the blood start to flow and your penis expanding. AndroBath is exactly what you need to achieve effective results in just a few weeks, with added health benefits of improved sex life. This will be your new Waterbuddy :-)

Orders Outside the USA may incur additional shipping charges due to the size of the item. The charge usually ranges from $5.00 to $15.00 additional. If you need to know before ordering just email your country and the items you would like to order and we will be happy to tell you if there is any additional shipping.

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Customer Reviews

Works amazing so far Review by Makinwhiteboyslookgood

Been using it for a week now and already seeing a difference in girth

(Posted on 1/10/18)

AndroBath Review by rock

this thing works great and feels great

(Posted on 11/29/17)

Very Satisfied Review by Bill

Immediate results are amazing especially girth. Am hoping for some long term benefits, but if not its still fantastic. Never been dissatisfied with Chain Gang products or their great service and
Very quick delivery.

(Posted on 11/18/17)

terrible product Review by Craig

I have owned this product for 2 months now. From day one I found this product to be uncomfortable, ineffective, difficult to use, and of poor design. My money would have been better spent on a PE system that uses a traditional hand vacuum pump. This product has found a new home in the trash. Unfortunately this product does not even deserve one star. The Chain Gang usually has quality products but they fell very short with this one. My recommendation : don't purchase

(Posted on 11/8/17)

love androbath! Review by Daniel

I received on 6/24/17 used 3 times on weekend an 2 times on week days ..started 170 line now up 190 linemark. thickness has grown two inches was 1 1/4 inch. truth didn't think would enlarge my dingling much ! cause was using trigger air pump for three years it stayed same, still use it after androbath am way over 7 inch mark, never reach until now .now having this Androbath very comfortable Wow! its cheaper then other brands. I love it when penis hanging down dangling walking in gym! lol I've order 3 spandex compression shorts just to hold it in place doing leg workout..Am happy thing needed is extra 1/2 wide inch tube. mine touching tube .. I have to wiggle it to get it out .

(Posted on 6/28/17)

A+++++ Review by skynyrd

got mine yesterday could'nt wait to try it. Whoa after the first time i was so much thicker cant wait to use it daily i dont think ill be dissapointed

(Posted on 6/20/17)

Water works best Review by Water

Water works best and I love the product

(Posted on 5/16/17)

EXCELLENT! Review by Daniel

TheChaingang offered me a discount so I ordered the Androbath. I've never used a penis pump and thought it would be just a fun novelty toy. But WOW! This pump really works. When I got the hang of it (it's pretty easy to figure out) it really pumped up my dick and it stayed pumped all night long, with extra hard night erections. I've found I can also use it without water. You pump with it, build up pressure and immediately put on the little cap over the end, ensuring no air can escape. I love it and the price is really excellent compared to some of the outrageous prices for these very similar types of devices. I highly recommend every guy try it! I was very skeptical but am a believer now! And of course, TheChaingang had it delivered before I could even blink. They are the BEST!

(Posted on 4/20/17)

great product Review by jeremy

great product fast delivery, two to four weeks shipping and it arrived two weeks to the day. happy with my purchase.

(Posted on 3/22/17)

This thing works!! Review by Get it Thick

Gentlemen, this thing really works to increase your girth. I have been using it for 20 minutes a day for 6 days a week for about 6 months. And my girth is that of the inside of the tube. Close to 7" in circumference at the end of a 20 minute pumping session. I can't say that I have seen any increase in length, but the increase in girth is amazing. The initial effects last for a couple of hours after the session, enough time to have intercourse with your partner who will thank you for the increased size. Be sure to start out slow and shave or closely trim the pubic area this will help you keep from loosing suction, You will also need to secure your testicles to keep them from getting sucked in. Start slow, and be patient, and you will see results. Shipping from the folks at Chain gang was fast and discreet. If you have been married for a while and are looking to spice things up, guys this will get the job done. My wife loves that I use the Androbath.

(Posted on 1/9/17)

Good product Review by Bruce

-- -- ---- ----

(Posted on 12/31/16)

Great device Review by Ed

Have been using Androbath every night since I got it two weeks ago. Works real well, I leave it on approx. 20 minutes, feels good love the results, well worth the price.

(Posted on 12/28/16)

Nice boy toy Review by George672017

Have been pumping for years on end using the Boston Pump system and a few other devices - so both, the Boston Pump and the AndroBath, are for me "boy toys" giving sexual stimulation and pleasure. Results are that my foreskin has "grown" and is now hanging over my glans, my penis appears thicker when erect, and regarding the growth of length - it's in the eye of the beholder. The AndroBath is a nice addition to my toys and I like using it taking a bath or in the shower.

(Posted on 12/14/16)

Very good Review by Tripod

I like sitting in a warm bath as the AndroBath keeps a nice suction on me.

(Posted on 11/9/16)

Worth the money Review by Jeffrey

I have had this for a few weeks now. I haven't noticed an permanent gains, but I like using it and he is nice and fat and swollen for at least an hour after a session. I like to use it for about 20 mins per session while watching a tv show or the like. I get it set up in the shower and then hang out in front of the computer with a bucket next to me for when I want to renew the pressure by pumping some more of the water out..

I removed the stupid sticker "gauge" after the second use.

The only other issue that I have with it is that the inside ring of the sealing surface feels very sharp and begins to get uncomfortable after a short period of time. I am currently trying to research some way to make it "bite" less around the base.

All that being said, it's still easily worth the price. I haven't had any issues with the sealing valve or losing pressure in any way. My unit is solidly built, so 4 stars there.

(Posted on 9/8/16)

Androbath super pump for your Money !!!! Review by Super solider

I start over a year ago with P.E I started at 5.9inchs I then bought a bath mate Hercules got up to 7inchs but need more room after six months so I looked on line and seen androbath didn't think it worked cause all the bath month bathmate done . But I couldn't afford x40 for $200 so I got the androbath first week pumped up over 8inchs I love it only

(Posted on 6/28/16)

Great product but not for the beginner I believe as the suction is pretty intense. Review by Joe Smith

I have been doing PE off and on for years now and have used weights, penis pumps and jelqing with slow but positive results but I am always open to a new method. When I saw the water penis pumps it sparked my curiosity and I started looking at the different models and reviews but my cock is already 2" girth at the base and I was not about to pay the amount wanted for the Hercules model. I ran across the Androbath in my search and it had the girth size and length to grow I needed and the price and reviews were positive from what I could find so I ordered one from Chaingang and am glad I did. Chaingang delivered it quickly and after doing my measurements for a baseline, I quickly put it to work in the bath that night to see what it could do. The tip given in past reviews was spot on about using a cock ring to keep your balls from getting sucked up (Thank you!) I had problems with the release lever bumping the tub and coming undone but I started putting the cap on and off when I had suction right and it has worked well that way. The pump really has a lot of suction but the rubber is pretty hard on the pubic bone, hence the 4 rating from me and I think it could benefit from a softer base like regular penis pumps have in my opinion. I love the fact that my cock and surrounding tissue is warm and relaxed during the pumping from the warm water as keeping everything warm is pretty key to avoiding injury doing PE. I do my sets of kegels the whole time while i have the pump maxed out and it really makes my cock huge inside the tube. I keep my use to 20 minutes as I do with all vacuum stretching to avoid some of the fluid buildup in my penis tissue. All in all a great product that I would recommend. It has only been a week of steady use and I can certainly tell it is working and my cock is fatter and hanging a bit longer so we will see what the results are at my monthly measurements?

(Posted on 3/26/16)

Great product !!!!!!! Review by BIG R

The shipping was fast as always. the reviews were a big help in picking the Androbath. It is top quality and simple to use. After two weeks I've noticed a big difference in Girth. I didn't tell my wife that I had bought this item,I wanted to see if it really worked. The other day she finally asked me what I have been doing? she said I was a lot larger and she loved it. I can't wait to see what kind of gains I have in six weeks. This product is GREAT.

(Posted on 3/6/16)

It Works!!! Review by John J.

Only used it 4 times but my girlfriend said I was thicker for some reason and she doesn't know I'm using this. It's a great fit for me and I'm average size 9" hard but my thickness fills the tube when I'm pumped. It feels good and hoping the gains get permanent after a couple months of use as the product claims. Right now, Im noticing 12 hr gains of about a 1/4 inch in length and at least an inch in girth (makes my GF happy) and then I pump again every evening so I'm good for the night with my GF. It's comfortable to me but my pelvic muscles are great as I'm having sex 1-2 times nightly. Some say its not comfortable but it feels comfortable to me. Im using it about 20 minutes at a time and it's intense but not painful. I use it in the hot tub and listen to music and relax for the 20 minutes. It's cool to see the max size inside the tube. Looks like it's magnified and I turned into the hulk......

(Posted on 2/24/16)

According to other reviews this the best on the market atm! Review by Mars

Bath might be good but I've gone through two already Hydro max30 and Hydromax 40 in my humble opinion I wasn't impressed with both of them and my dick is 7inchs it looses suction quickly and sometimes it falls off you !Very uncomfortable because the rubber bellow is too hard and the slight tilt in the bellow makes it uncomfortable!
I haven't used the Androbath fx45 but I look forward to using it

(Posted on 2/1/16)

Literally, Best INVESTMENT You Can Make As A Man!!!!!!!!!!!! Review by NickJ720

So this review is going to be both subjective and objective, I will say that "sofakinggood's" review (see below) I agree with completely and will explaining some of the things he may have missed though his review was very detailed and spot on, I can add a few things to fill in some details.

I too like "sofakinggood" bought the BathMate Hercules sometime ago (4 months ago), the internal diameter is pathetic 2 inches to 2/1/4 inches MAX at its widest. I out grew that model very quickly (2 months or less) and bam I was left with literally something I could not use. I did take a dremel with the sand paper wheel attachment and smoothed out the rubber gator a bit, but I was still too big when fully pumped and it pinched my cock at the base when I was using it at the two month mark of owning it(...(if you are at least 6 to 6.5 inches long while hard... Take it from me, just skip over the Hercules)

So in my quest for a new Hydropump I found the Androbath (this pump) when i was also looking at the BathMate X40 and the Goliath models, after having Androbath for appx. three weeks now, and paying close to $67 with free shipping (had 5% off code) this is hands down the BEST deal on the market for a Hydropump of this size... I am shocked at how much more room the 2 1/2 inch internal "key word" INTERNAL diameter makes... and unlike the pathetic Hercules that got smaller in diameter traveling from proximal to distal of the tube. The Androbath stays 2 1/2 inches nearly all the way from base to tip of the tube of the pump. For someone having a big head (no not the head with my face on it) it makes a HUGE difference and gives me plenty of room to still grow and expand.

Considering how much money Androbath saved me from having to pay for the Hydromax X40 or the Bathmate Goliath which is running around $193 (at time of review) I have no negatives for the Androbath that I can think of. The rubber is of good construction, some people might find the edge base around where the gator makes contact with your skin a tad "sharp" from the rubber molding injection process, but you can easily smooth it out with some light sand paper (like I did)

The only thing that I have heard and read bad about Hydropumps (X40, Goliath and yes Androbath) of this size is that your testicles tend to get sucked up into the tube sometimes because the base is so big (and it is) which is good for your expanding cock but bad for the boys. Luckily for you that can easily be corrected by using a silicon cock ring. Wrap both testicles up and neither testicle goes anywhere. I can personally say it makes using Androbath WAYYYY more comfortable not having a section of one of my testicles half under the rubber gator being pinched, and half hanging out, I do not miss those days. And for an added bonus, If you put a silicon cock ring around your cock while pumping up with Androbath. Seriously, (no joke) your girl will not get enough of you, it makes you bigger, thicker, and longer than you can f@*king believe. (Only do that once you become experience enough with these pumps if first time using) but the best part of that is Androbath has the space to do that.

As for the claims behind the penile growth and the Hydropump Technology, I will say with my life it works, it truly does work over the course of my journey into PE (penile exercise) and using Hydropumps you cock will grow.... The pump has also helped me with tightening the pelvic floor muscles (Kegal's work for men too, not just women) and that has furthermore helped with controlling my ejaulations. HOWEVER it will not be an overnight transformation I can not stress that enough. You will not gain 4 inches in 4 weeks. As of right now flaccid before my PE and Hydropump journey I was 3.5 inches starting, and now I am a solid 3.8-3.9 inches four months into this adventure. You will mostly see gains in girth at first, but you will see gains in length after the gains in girth start. Though there are some pretty awesome temporary effects "like huge girth and modest length gains" There's some basic you need to know so you don't do anything to hurt yourself...

Penile Anatomy 101
Your penis (95% at least) is NOT a muscle, you can not train your penis like your biceps or your pecs at the gym. Your penis is a series of compartments made up of spongy connective tissue (elastin, collagen, adipose tissue) that though they can not be trained like a muscle fiber. Do have the ability to adapt and change to the environment they are in... aka the negative pressure created within the tube! With time these various body tissues do adapt, the suspensatory and penile tendons elongate, cells within these tissues produce more elastin, collagen. And in turn penile growth will occur. (In case you're questioning my source of info, RN, BSN background)

On a final note, from a fellow man to another man (or women looking at this for their man) for $69.99 (as of review date) your penis will thank you, your manhood will thank you, for $69.99 I walk with my head held high with confidence knowing that I can please almost any women (in reality can't please everyone, and loyal to my partner). I'll even go as far to say my confidence and mood in general is improved, from the workplace to general random social conversations this has been an all around life changer. From my experience in healthcare when working with females clients if the topic comes up most women if anything wish (physically) that their man made them feel more full, most say they honestly like the length, but they just want a little bit more fullness. And guess what, Androbath does that, if you treat this like a workout routine, and "pump" regularly, you will see gains (4-5 times a week, rest is important too), however for those gains to be permanent or for your penis to go through "solidification" you need to stay pumping for 2-3 months. But this also works wonders as a "before sex prep" toy. I can not tell you how much fun me and my girl have, I personally love shocking her once she gets home from work, gets all settled in and cleaned up from the day, walks through the bedroom door and BAM, thick, meaty cock right in her face. She without a doubt loves it, I love it. This toy will make you "the guy" she brags to her friends about. Like I said, this is literally, the best investment you can make as a man.....

(I hope this clears up any questions or concerns you may have had!)

(Posted on 1/8/16)

Awesome Review by R

Only used it discreetly a week but girlfriend can tell a difference. She said it feels like im stretching her out when I come.

(Posted on 12/19/15)

Adequate, but could be better Review by Stargazer

I just found that the black collapsible section of the androbath was a bit stiff. It feels like I'm going to give myself a hernia trying to pump the device. Also you cannot bump the tip of the androbath against anything or else you immediately lose suction and the water comes out. Other than that I think the product is fine.

(Posted on 7/24/15)

androbath 2 week checkpoint review Review by sofakinggood

Androbath is cheaper, larger than bathmate hercules. I bought it because of the price, it wasnt in stock at first, I may have waited like 2 weeks after paying for it and finding out it wasnt stocked after checkout, and after an angry email that i wanted a refund if it didnt arrive in a week, i ordered the hercules from ebay cause i wanted to start pumping and both arrived the same day i dont remember the days.

I went for the androbath because i new i had more room to grow, and returned the hercules, the seller from chicago on ebay was very argumentative my refund still hasnt completed it only has 2 days remaining. *sigh
I went through an online crisis that I dont wish upon anybody - lookout

Use: you have to break in your pelvic area floor muscles, it makes them sore, the first time i pumped, i was astonished, its pretty cool, i was very self conscious about how big i felt, (walking around with a choad, bear in mind, for better results i pump for 45 to 90mins, no pain - no gain literally, this 1st old models, i think that they are, dont come w/ a comfort second sleeve like the new androbath fx45 that competes w/ the hydromax x40, cause the ribbed belows part hurts.)

I pump 6 out of 7 days, i raise intensity according to the week because its like weight training, build up your tolerance and get big.
Your penis will be full of blood, this is the process, it makes the penis handle more blood and increase in size, length and girth. Depending on how much you pump will determine how long it lasts. If I do it for 90mins my penis has excess blood in it till the next days after noon.

I use it in the bath only, because it needs to be under water pressure to work properly, no water & just air is worthless. I recommend this if you have a mindset of mind over matter and no pain no gain, because its painfull when you use a lot of pressure above 180mm for longer than 45mins, which is definitely not recommended by manufacturer, but again, when i do it that intensively i get a monster cock and thats my goal;) I scared my stepmom. cause iSMART.

I put it away in a corner tilted, after i dry the inside w/ a small tshirt size towel,
ill be getting a hot tub jacuzzi soon for more efficient use, hot water baths are a plus, just get right into really hot water.

The hercules on ebay is $100, this one shipped is $70, anything beyond these 2 is good. I only recommend androbath and bathmate/hydromax.

I rate 4 stars because of comfort, its efficient, i pump down hard and i lift it because it sucks into your pelvic area and thats the part you want to take it easy on, the suction part sucks in all your pelvic floor muscles so they get sore, when you pump down, gently emphasize the pump towards the top part of the pelvic area right above your penis, this works for me, otherwise my balls start to hurt and i have to release the pressure, and relax for a minute, pull my balls back away from my body and re-accommodate so i dont get pain from hurting what i think maybe my vas deferens.

Just realized the reviews above me have the same 4 star ratings, quality is a 5 i just wish i had that comfort pad tube(second comfort sleeve from the fx45). The belows are the ribbed rubber part, when your penis expands it gets wide right away like in 2-4 days of use, depending on intensity. The 1st guy sounds like he has a small dick 4-5" maybe, mines 7" and its a proper fit which is why i chose this model, it has a better price tag than an hydromax x40 or the new androbath fx45 which i would of wanted. Do i want an even bigger dick? yes
why? cause im samrt. dont worry be happy

watch the youtube hercules review - the one and the hydromax x40 video so you know what it looks like.


(Posted on 4/8/15)

This Is a Big Boy toy Not for beginners Review by Gains

Do self a favor and be realistic. If you're average or on the smaller side, have a skinny penis, or lacking body fat or loose skin in the pubic area I recommend you buy the WaterBuddy to start and then move up to the AndroBath.

If you buy the AndroBath anyway, it will work but you may find it hard to seal against your body, and it may be uncomfortable to use until your penis gains girth and your scrotum loosens so your testicles hang lower and don't get sucked into the tube. OUCH! In that case it works best when used in the bathtub.

After six weeks of using it 3x per week I have seen gains and growth-- I am growing into it! I am gaining in width and length which has made it work well in the shower.

I rate it a 4 of 5 star product because it works, it is well made and a good value. I'd buy the same one again or recommend to a friend. Overall I am pleased with it!

(Posted on 11/20/14)

too early to tell Review by DickTracy

I have only had this pump a few days, so too early to tell; it gives good suction - I take baths so I use it almost every day. I'm a bit skeptical whether this will make me even a bit larger and/or thicker, but if you don't's like buying or not buying a lotto ticket, isn't it ? I was grateful to the Chaingang staff for exchanging the Bathbuddy for the Androbath. and thx for the discrete packaging !

(Posted on 7/11/14)

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