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AndroBath is a premium penis enhancement device. It is specially designed to provide effective results while still being very fun to use. This is a great way to add some girth and increase your size without drugs. The incredibly soft rubber will make you pump with comfort and pleasure. This is a very enjoyable way of penis enhancement and the best of all: it brings no side effects!


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AndroBath is a popular penis enhancement device made for comfort and pleasure. This is a great way to increase your girth and size without harmful chemicals or side effects.

This pump is 11 inches long, with 2 ½” inches of inside diameter, so it gives you a lot to work with.

Unlike so many other pumps on the market, this one is made for comfort. It includes incredibly soft rubber lining that will offer more pleasure as you pump. It also gives a powerful seal against your skin, much better than what our competitors can offer right now. It gives very effective results with much more comfort than the Bathmate.

AndroBath is very simple to use. Pump and watch your size and girth go up! This is a very easy and pleasurable way to get results.

We upgraded the rubber so that it is much softer and you can really pump it to get much more suction and a better seal. This is the ORIGINAL so there is No Plastic Sleeve to have to deal with and fumble with and worry about it being sterile.

This penis pump is the best on the market right now. Just in a few pumps you will feel the blood start to flow and your penis expanding. AndroBath is exactly what you need to achieve effective results in just a few weeks, with added health benefits of improved sex life. This will be your new Waterbuddy :-)

Orders Outside the USA may incur additional shipping charges due to the size of the item. The charge usually ranges from $5.00 to $15.00 additional. If you need to know before ordering just email your country and the items you would like to order and we will be happy to tell you if there is any additional shipping.

Customer Reviews

Adequate, but could be better Review by Stargazer

I just found that the black collapsible section of the androbath was a bit stiff. It feels like I'm going to give myself a hernia trying to pump the device. Also you cannot bump the tip of the androbath against anything or else you immediately lose suction and the water comes out. Other than that I think the product is fine.

(Posted on 7/24/15)

androbath 2 week checkpoint review Review by sofakinggood

Androbath is cheaper, larger than bathmate hercules. I bought it because of the price, it wasnt in stock at first, I may have waited like 2 weeks after paying for it and finding out it wasnt stocked after checkout, and after an angry email that i wanted a refund if it didnt arrive in a week, i ordered the hercules from ebay cause i wanted to start pumping and both arrived the same day i dont remember the days.

I went for the androbath because i new i had more room to grow, and returned the hercules, the seller from chicago on ebay was very argumentative my refund still hasnt completed it only has 2 days remaining. *sigh
I went through an online crisis that I dont wish upon anybody - lookout

Use: you have to break in your pelvic area floor muscles, it makes them sore, the first time i pumped, i was astonished, its pretty cool, i was very self conscious about how big i felt, (walking around with a choad, bear in mind, for better results i pump for 45 to 90mins, no pain - no gain literally, this 1st old models, i think that they are, dont come w/ a comfort second sleeve like the new androbath fx45 that competes w/ the hydromax x40, cause the ribbed belows part hurts.)

I pump 6 out of 7 days, i raise intensity according to the week because its like weight training, build up your tolerance and get big.
Your penis will be full of blood, this is the process, it makes the penis handle more blood and increase in size, length and girth. Depending on how much you pump will determine how long it lasts. If I do it for 90mins my penis has excess blood in it till the next days after noon.

I use it in the bath only, because it needs to be under water pressure to work properly, no water & just air is worthless. I recommend this if you have a mindset of mind over matter and no pain no gain, because its painfull when you use a lot of pressure above 180mm for longer than 45mins, which is definitely not recommended by manufacturer, but again, when i do it that intensively i get a monster cock and thats my goal;) I scared my stepmom. cause iSMART.

I put it away in a corner tilted, after i dry the inside w/ a small tshirt size towel,
ill be getting a hot tub jacuzzi soon for more efficient use, hot water baths are a plus, just get right into really hot water.

The hercules on ebay is $100, this one shipped is $70, anything beyond these 2 is good. I only recommend androbath and bathmate/hydromax.

I rate 4 stars because of comfort, its efficient, i pump down hard and i lift it because it sucks into your pelvic area and thats the part you want to take it easy on, the suction part sucks in all your pelvic floor muscles so they get sore, when you pump down, gently emphasize the pump towards the top part of the pelvic area right above your penis, this works for me, otherwise my balls start to hurt and i have to release the pressure, and relax for a minute, pull my balls back away from my body and re-accommodate so i dont get pain from hurting what i think maybe my vas deferens.

Just realized the reviews above me have the same 4 star ratings, quality is a 5 i just wish i had that comfort pad tube(second comfort sleeve from the fx45). The belows are the ribbed rubber part, when your penis expands it gets wide right away like in 2-4 days of use, depending on intensity. The 1st guy sounds like he has a small dick 4-5" maybe, mines 7" and its a proper fit which is why i chose this model, it has a better price tag than an hydromax x40 or the new androbath fx45 which i would of wanted. Do i want an even bigger dick? yes
why? cause im samrt. dont worry be happy

watch the youtube hercules review - the one and the hydromax x40 video so you know what it looks like.


(Posted on 4/8/15)

This Is a Big Boy toy Not for beginners Review by Gains

Do self a favor and be realistic. If you're average or on the smaller side, have a skinny penis, or lacking body fat or loose skin in the pubic area I recommend you buy the WaterBuddy to start and then move up to the AndroBath.

If you buy the AndroBath anyway, it will work but you may find it hard to seal against your body, and it may be uncomfortable to use until your penis gains girth and your scrotum loosens so your testicles hang lower and don't get sucked into the tube. OUCH! In that case it works best when used in the bathtub.

After six weeks of using it 3x per week I have seen gains and growth-- I am growing into it! I am gaining in width and length which has made it work well in the shower.

I rate it a 4 of 5 star product because it works, it is well made and a good value. I'd buy the same one again or recommend to a friend. Overall I am pleased with it!

(Posted on 11/20/14)

too early to tell Review by DickTracy

I have only had this pump a few days, so too early to tell; it gives good suction - I take baths so I use it almost every day. I'm a bit skeptical whether this will make me even a bit larger and/or thicker, but if you don't's like buying or not buying a lotto ticket, isn't it ? I was grateful to the Chaingang staff for exchanging the Bathbuddy for the Androbath. and thx for the discrete packaging !

(Posted on 7/11/14)

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